3 Hours Until YOU.

Alex McKenzie is a 16 year old teenager who currently lives in London alone along with her friends that live near by. She has a big flat in the center of London and goes to a normal high school like any other teenager.

"Harry! Harry! Are you okay?!" I asked with fear in my voice

"You have to see we're you're going next time" he said with humor in his voice

"Are you hurt somewhere?"

"I feel pain in my heart, you're causing the pain" he said

"Harry I'm serious, look at your arm!" with fear in my voice "It's broken, you may have an internal bleeding somewhere in you body!"


7. Chapter: 7

When I saw the expression on his face I saw that he wasn't happy. I walked toward him and he just looked confused. It took a while to walk to the bench but if it was what I had to do then so be it.

"Whats wrong, my love?" He asked and took me by my hands and started to swing them together.

"Do you have any sunglasses on you?" I asked trying to avoid his question by changing the subject.

"Yeah, why are you asking?"

"Well my friends that are obsessed with One Direction and you're someone from ONE DIRECTION and they will get crazy if they see you"

He went to his car and started to look for his sunglasses. I was right behind him when he quickly turned back with his ray bans on and kissed me on my lips. I liked this side of Harry, he had a lot of sides but this side was the best. The flirty and mysterious side.

"You look very hot" I said as he took me by my hand

"Not like you" he said back and glanced at me.

I was so disappointed because the sunglasses blocked the view of his eyes.

Clara’s POV

"Seriously who is that guy with her?" DIna asked me

"I don't know, she tells me everything but she has been off lately" I answered

"He looks kind of hot" she responded back to me.

"Fuck off, she just kissed him!" I loudly said to her.

I didn't know what to think, she hadn't even told me that she had a boyfriend and not even who he was. She came running back and all I could do was staring irritated on her. She noticed and walk her way to me.

"Whats wrong?" she asked

"Who the fuck is that?"

"No one"

"You fucking kissed him on the lips, I think it is someone"

"Just leave it alone please, you don't have to know everything" she shouted back att me

"I thought that was what best friends do" I shouted back to her.

I was so mad that I just wanted to start crying, how could she do that to me. We had been best friends every since I started in this football club two years ago.

I ran away from her, ain't no way in hell that I'm staying here whit her on my nerves. I was going straight to my flat right infront of her flat. When I went to the exit I saw the guy she had just kissed infront of my eyes.

I quickly got an idea and sat down beside him, he looked a lot like the famous popstar Harry Styles. I could feel her burning stare on my neck.

"Hello, I'm Clara" I said putting my hand out to be polite

"I'm Harry" He said and denied my hand.

I looked at his hands, they were unusually big. It wasn't a coincidence, I knew who he was but I just had to be 100% sure that it was him.

"So what do you work with?" I asked, it was the only clue that was going to reveal him.

"uhm… Well I don't see it as work but it has something to do with music, you?" he said mysterious

"Oh my life is all about football you know, so my work is training little kids to grow up and become as good as me" I said.

I then quickly took of his glasses to see who was hiding underneath. I was right, how the hell did she know him?! I stared at him as if he was an alien. He looked back pretty angry.

"What did you do that for?!" he said loud

I couldn't speak, it took a minute to bring myself together from look and having a conversation with my idol. I then quickly turned around and saw that Alex was jogging towards us.

"How the hell do you know Alex?!" I said back to him

"Long story but she's not going to be happy when she sees you" he said

"I know we are best friends"

Alex's POV

I was fucking mad right now. First se screamed at me but I took that well but now she is messing whit my boyfriend like she always had. When we were in sixth grade she had stolen my boyfriend right infront of my eyes and I stayed mad with her until they broke up. And now she is going for the man I loved?!

I couldn't help it but jogg my way to the bench, I really didn't want Harry to see me this mad. I had stared at them while they were talking to figure out what was happening but when she took of his glasses she crossed the line.

"What the FUCK are you doing!?" I shouted at Clara

"Why didn't you tell me?! We tell everything to each others." She said calmly back to me

I just wanted to hit her face so bad right now! I wanted to tell her but I wasn't sure if we were official jet and I didn't want it to spread.

Harry's POV

The girls were going mad. I didn't want to stop them because Alex looked so sexy when she was mad but they had gone to far now, swearing bad words pushing each others.

I quickly jumped on Alex as we both fell down to the ground by the force. Flashbacks were coming back my mind when I started to think about the accident that had happened somedays before. How we laid down on the floor not making a move, my broken arm was hurting and I had to have the cast on for one more month.

Clara had ran away back to the football team and joined the game that was going on. I just laid on top of Alex and started to figure out if she was angry because of me or because of Clara. I then placed a soft kiss on her lips and saw her face expression change from angry to happy.

After we had had our moment on the grass she decided that she didn't want to go back to practice so we decided to go to his flat and chill.

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