3 Hours Until YOU.

Alex McKenzie is a 16 year old teenager who currently lives in London alone along with her friends that live near by. She has a big flat in the center of London and goes to a normal high school like any other teenager.

"Harry! Harry! Are you okay?!" I asked with fear in my voice

"You have to see we're you're going next time" he said with humor in his voice

"Are you hurt somewhere?"

"I feel pain in my heart, you're causing the pain" he said

"Harry I'm serious, look at your arm!" with fear in my voice "It's broken, you may have an internal bleeding somewhere in you body!"


6. Chapter: 6

Next day I woke up beside Harry, his curls laying in a mess. I didn't want to go up and go for football practice, I wanted to stay here an lay beside him. I tried to go from the bed discrete but it didn't work, I heard a moan. I turned my head back and saw Harry's eyes open.

"Where are you going?" he asked

"I have to go to football practice, but you don't have to worry"

"No I want to come with you to your football practice, I insist"

He then rose out of the bed and walked toward me and took me by my hand. He walked me to the kitchen, but I saw something unusual.

"Hey man! Up so early?" Louis asked

"Yeah, Alex is going to a football practice" Harry said back to him

"Oh so you play football?" Louis then asked me.

"Yeah, ever since I was 4 years old"

"So you're passionate about football?" Louis said

"Pretty much"

I wondered why Louis was here, why so early? I noticed that Harry had left the kitchen leaving med alone with Louis. I didn't like to be alone, I could feel how my heart startet to beat faster and faster.

"There you are honey" Louis then said when a girl came out of a room.

I noticed directly who it was, Eleanor. What?! this must be wrong, then I saw Harry in the corner of my eye, I quickly ran to him jumping on to his waist. Kissing him on his lips desperately because I had missed him so much.

"Do you really have to go to practice today? You know we can keep doing this all day" he said with a charm in his voice.

"I have to, I have a very important Cup in one week and I have already missed three practices since I've meet you." I said, still on his waist but this time I was hugging him and whispering in his ear.

"Well, when do you start?" He asked

"09:30 am, whats the time?" I asked

"9 am, we have to hurry, what do you want to eat as breakfast?"

"Milk with cornflakes would be nice"

He then lead me back to the kitchen from the living room. I saw Louis and El again but this time they were sat down at the table. I sat down beside El and saw that Harry was preparing my breakfast as he also prepared his too.

"There you go" as he handed my bowl with milk and cornflakes.

"Thank you" I said as he sat down beside Louis.

Louis and Harry talked as I and El were just quiet, I wanted to break the awkward silence but I didn't know how to do it. I didn't know what topic I was going to start talking about.

When I was finished with my breakfast I went to the sink and started to washed my bowl, then I saw the washing machine and put my bowl in the machine.

Harry was following me as I got to the door, I then turned around quickly taking him by surprise and then hugged him. I opened the door as I saw his face impression changed.

"Were are you going?" he asked

"To practice, alone"

"No, I let you sleep here and I'm going to go with you to your practice and watch how good you are in football"

"But i'm going to be so shy and won't do my best"

He took my hand put on his jacket and then draged me to the elevator. He pushed me on to the wall as I heard a voice.

"Way to go man" Louis shouted from the apartment with the door opened.

He draged me to his car and put me in the front passenger seat closed the door as I sat down and put the seatbelt on. He opened the door to his seat ans turned on the car. I could see that he wasn't driving the right way.

"You do know that my football practice is to the the way" I said

"I know but you have to go and put on your footballs clothes" he said

"Oh, Okay" i said

I started to wonder about what had happened in his apartment and my thoughts lead me several times to when I saw Louis. He could see that I was wondering something or that I was bothered by something.

"You can ask what ever you want" he said assuring to me.

"When we went to the kitchen, Louis was there. Why?"

"Ohh yeah he is my roommate since we got together in a group on x-factor" he said

"Oh okay well then I get it"

I then saw my building where I lived, when we got into my flat it was very empty if you thought about Harry's flat. I ran up the stair, quickly changed into my football clothes and went down to Harry again. I had already prepared my bag yesterday so I took the bag and then we went down to his car.

I told him the adress to the football field we were practicing at. He drove quickly because we were running late. When I got out of the car I cold see my team warming up before playing. He then pointed at me and waved.

"Alex can you come here for a second" He said loud

I ran to my trainer who was a middle aged boy, he was about 20 years old.

"Whats the problem?" asked

"Who is that guy you brought with you?"

"Its a guy that is going to drive me home after the training"

"Isn't that famous guy from One Direction"

"Shhhh, yeah he is but the other girls will go crazy"

"I do not like that thought, go and find some sunglasses for him to wear and make sure that he doesn't interrupt our training"

I turned around to see Harry, when I saw his face …

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