3 Hours Until YOU.

Alex McKenzie is a 16 year old teenager who currently lives in London alone along with her friends that live near by. She has a big flat in the center of London and goes to a normal high school like any other teenager.

"Harry! Harry! Are you okay?!" I asked with fear in my voice

"You have to see we're you're going next time" he said with humor in his voice

"Are you hurt somewhere?"

"I feel pain in my heart, you're causing the pain" he said

"Harry I'm serious, look at your arm!" with fear in my voice "It's broken, you may have an internal bleeding somewhere in you body!"


5. Chapter: 5

I woke up alone on the sofa, he had left me was my first thought. I got worried and got myself up and got a headache for getting up too fast. I then saw the topless man that I had meet yesterday making tea for himself. It was cute, he was in deep thoughts. He then noticed that I had gotten up and that i was looking at him.

He came closer to me and gave me a hard hug, like he had been missing me for years. I jump up to his waist and started to kiss his lips.

"Why are you up so early?" I asked and interrupted our session wit kissing.

"I had a nightmare and I couldn't sleep" he said looking into my eyes deeply.

"What?! Why didn't you wake me up, we could have watched a movie or something like that."

"I didn't want to wak you up, you were so pretty in your sleep"

"What were you dreaming?"

"I was dreaming that everything went so well..."

"That doesn't sound like a nightmare" i said giggling

"I wasn't finished, but then everything collapsed. You and I broke up, the band split up."

"I didn't know we were together like I was your Girlfriend"

"You'll always be my girlfriend"

I was stil clunging on to his wait with my legs. He then went to the sofa, carrying me and we laid down together. I laid on top of him and looked at his face and started to kiss his neck and then his lips.

He interrupted me by asking me a question.

"I would like to take you out tonight" he said spontaneously

"You would?"

"Yeah tonight, at 9 pm and we are going to a party by the way"

"But I don't have a dress to wear" I said

"I can buy you one, if you want me to?"

"Noh, Harry that is too much to ask"

He looked at me confused, any girl would always like to have a new dress that was for sure. I went up from the sofa, he wasn't sure if he was going to follow me or stay on the sofa. I helped him by giving him a signal.

"Wait here, I'll come back in some minutes" I said

I ran up the stairs and to the left to my room. My room had black walls, white curtains, white furniture and a wooden floor. I then quickly opened my drawers but then remembered that all my dresses hang in the wardrobe.

I opened my wardrobe and looked at all my dresse, I went trough some of then and then though that I would like to have a sexy dress. I saw a red dress, strapless and short. This was a perfect dress I put it on and looked at the mirror, I could see that the red color fit in with my skin color. I also put on a pair of high heals that were black. I went down the stairs elegantly and held one arm at the stair rail.

"Oh my god, you… look stunning" he said

"Do I? I don't really know" I said, of course I knew how stunning I looked

"Yeah, this dress is better than a dress I would buy for you"

I blushed and then walked to him, gave him a kiss on his lips and then went upstairs again to change into normal clothes.

When I got up to my room again I put on some normal clothes, like black jeans with a military sleeveless blouse with rivets on the collar. I then pu on a camouflage jacket and as shoes I put on creepers. I then ran down the stairs because I already missed Harry.

"You have a taste in fashion I see" he said as he put his arms on my waist.

"You think so?" I asked

"Yeah you got everything that is in right now on you" he smiled

"Did you know that you really fit in with a beanie on you"

He smiled and then asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with him and take a coffee or something like that. The day went by and we had a really grate time in the mall, we went into stores and looked at things then we went and ate a pastry and stayed there for a while. The time was now 7pm and it was getting late, we decided to go home to so I could get ready for the party.

We took a cab home, to avoid all the fans. This was very unusual for me, when we got to my building we had some fans trying to be desecrate, we went to them and let them take pictures. When we were at the elevator Harry couldn't resist, he started to kiss my lips and I kissed him back.

At my flat I went upstairs and he turned on the television, I took a quick shower because I wanted to be fresh. I then put on the dress and black pair of high-heels and a little bit of make-up on. I went down to meet him and we took a cab to his flat, he just went in and changed quickly and the we went to the party.

We arrived at the party and some paparazzi's were there and took photos.

"Harry!" a voice screamed but I didn't know who it was

"Louis!" Harry screamed back and started to walk towards Louis, I just followed Harry by holding is hand.

"So this is who he has been talking about all this time" Louis was standing beside another girl, I guess it was his girlfriend.

"I didn't know that he has been talking about me, and you are?"

"Oh sorry that was so rude of me for not introducing myself, I'm Louise Tomlinson and this is my girlfriend Eleanor Calder" He said as he raised his hand and shook my hand, then his girlfriend did the same and said "Hi"

The boys went away and left me and Eleanor standing there not know what to do as we saw another handsome man coming our way. Eleanor seem familiar with this man.

"Hi Eleanor, have you seen the other boys?" he asked

"Zayn you just missed them, they walked at that direction" she said pointing at - One Direction -.

"Oh thanks El, and you are?" he said and then turned towards me.

"Hi I'm Alex, I'm here with Harry" I said not knowing what to say

"Oh you are that chick he's just meet" he said smiling "Well it's been a honor to meet you but I have to go and find the boys"

Me and El said bye and then started to talk about our boyfriends and had a laugh with each others. Liam and Niall also came upp to us and asked were the boys were. But I meet two new girls called Perrie and Danielle, Perrie was the girlfriend of Zayn and Danielle was the girlfriend of Liam.

When it was 9:59 pm and about 10 seconds left until it was 10 pm people started to count down, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. All the girls went to their boys and I went to Harry and hugged him and when we were down at 0 we kissed each others and people screamed "Happy birthday Harry".

I felt so guilty for not knowing it was his birthday but he then took my by the hand and went to his bandmates. We talked but at 10:10 pm Harry decided that we were going to head home. We took a cab and he said the adress to somewhere he lived.

The cab then stopped infront of a park, this couldn't be right, the driver must have been off or something like that. Then Harry stepped out of the car and then opened my door, took my hand and lead me to the park. This so surprising that I was socked. I then saw a blanket and a basket under a big tree infront of a pond. It was a midnight picnic he had been planing.

"Do you like it? I thought maybe we should be alone from all the fans and not inside all the time" he said

"I love it!" I said and then started to kiss him

We sat there for hours and hours and just talked and kissed and had a really good time. It was now about 1 o'clock in the morning and we were getting tiered so Harry called for a taxi. The taxi came and Harry told it to drive to his flat.

When we went into his flat I couldn't stand to be awake anymore, I just took off my heels and then ran to his bedroom, took of my dress and jumped into the bed. He then came as I was waiting for him, he took of his clothes except for his boxers and then went to the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" I asked

"I'm going to sleep on the sofa" he said as he turned his face towards me

"What? No stay here with me, I'm scared of being alone in the dark"

He then turned around, I went to the other of the side of the bed to make space for him as he got into the bed. We cuddle and then fell asleep hugging each others.


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