3 Hours Until YOU.

Alex McKenzie is a 16 year old teenager who currently lives in London alone along with her friends that live near by. She has a big flat in the center of London and goes to a normal high school like any other teenager.

"Harry! Harry! Are you okay?!" I asked with fear in my voice

"You have to see we're you're going next time" he said with humor in his voice

"Are you hurt somewhere?"

"I feel pain in my heart, you're causing the pain" he said

"Harry I'm serious, look at your arm!" with fear in my voice "It's broken, you may have an internal bleeding somewhere in you body!"


11. Chapter: 11


Today I woke up in Harry's arm, a cozy and warm feeling. This was why I loved Harry, he would hold you tight afraid that you will leave him. I would never leave him.   I woke him up by kissing him in the cheek. His eye opened and he groan a bit because of the time he was woken. I felt sorry and guilty but I had to go to football practice. I had missed to many football practices and the cup was going to take place in one month. The cup had been delayed because of the bad weather here in London so I bought myself som spare time to work up my pace.   I went out the room and headed towards the kitchen, I got my breakfast out of the fridge and when I turned around and saw Harry right infront of me. He kissed my lips and then started to make some tea for us both.  


"Remind me why we are up so early?" he asked a little confused  


"I have football practice, remember?" I said giggling  


"Oh right, I had forgot about that" he said and then handed me a cup with black tea filled.  


We sat silent in the kitchen. We were at my place so I went a took a shower, Harry went tot he living room, jumped onto the soffa and turned on the tv.  


Harry’s POV


Alex had gone upstairs to fresh up and prepare for her training today. I had put on the tv I came to a gossip channel.  


"And now what you all have been waiting on, the interview with Alex" A girl said


They show the interview where Alex had answered to some of the question that the woman had asked her. Alex was right when she said that the woman was being rude, she literally asked who she belonged to like she was an object and thought that she was from the band crew (but she apparently was blind because a crew member wouldn't wear a dress and go to an award). How ruder could she be?! By this far as was all on Alex side, yesterday I was a bit mad after I had found out that Alex had been rude but she had the whole right to be rude.  


Alex’s POV


Oh noh!! He was looking at the interview, I tried to be as soundless as I could to hear his opinion on what he had just seen. The stair made a noise as I had stumbled on something on the stap. Harry heard the sound and quickly turned around to see what had caused the noise.   


"Have you seen my soccer clothes?" I asked trying to escape from all the questions he was going to ask.  


"No Alex" he said ans the sat down on the sofa  


I looked at the clock hanging on the kitchen wall, it showed me the number 09:30. Great I had about 30 minutes to get ready for my training. I was just standing in a towel rapped around my body. I ran up the stairs and turned my whole room upside down to find my training outfit.   I finally found the outfit. I put on a light blue t-shirt with a numer 1 on the back with my last name inte letters over the number. White shorts, white high knee socks with two light blue horizontal stripes on the top of the socks. A pair of light blue footballs with white laces were now on my feet. I grabbed my bag with my black bottel of water in my hand.  


I went down the stairs and was just about to leave for my practice when I heard someone knock on my door. I went and answered the door and saw Clara infront of me.  


"Alex!" she shouted and gave me a big hug "I have missed you a lot!"  


"Oh, Clara me too" I said and then hugged her tightly back  


"So, I was just about to ask I you were going to join me to the football practice" she said  


"I guess that could work"


I looked back and saw that harry had already put on his black winter coat on and his shoes were already on. I went to him and whispered:  


"Is it okay if we give Clara a ride to the practice?" I asked  


"Yeah sure" he said  


we went to the car and sat down, this time I sat at the back to talk and update with Clara about how much we had missed out the past few days of our different worlds. I then glanced over to Harrys side and saw that something was bothering him. He had given me  short answers all day and this was starting to worry me.


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