3 Hours Until YOU.

Alex McKenzie is a 16 year old teenager who currently lives in London alone along with her friends that live near by. She has a big flat in the center of London and goes to a normal high school like any other teenager.

"Harry! Harry! Are you okay?!" I asked with fear in my voice

"You have to see we're you're going next time" he said with humor in his voice

"Are you hurt somewhere?"

"I feel pain in my heart, you're causing the pain" he said

"Harry I'm serious, look at your arm!" with fear in my voice "It's broken, you may have an internal bleeding somewhere in you body!"


10. Chapter: 10


I hadn't yet notice what Harry was wearing for the Brit Awards and I was still shocked that he had invited me here and this was where we were going to make it official.   Ha was wearing a pair of black pants matching with his blazer. The shirt was white with black dots on it witch looked good whit his suit.   "We are at the O2 Arena" I said really exciting   "And…?" he asked   "We are going to the brit awards" I said as we were still sitting in the car.   He then walk out of the car and walk towards the door on my side. He opened it and forward a hand, asking me to accept his gesture.   We walk towards the entrence of the arena where we saw the red carpet. Our eyes med eye contact and we then looked down to our hands holding each other.    "Ready, love?" he whispered leaning into me before we walk on to the red carpet.   I nodded as an answer as we walk toward the other boys in the band. Beside Liam, Louis and Zayn I saw three girls. Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie all looked gorgeous and I felt a little insecure.   The boys then left us girls alone as they were going to answer some questions that some hosts for the Brit Awards 2013 had to ask them. A women then walk towards me and the other girls.   "Hello" she said with a microphone in her han and a camera man chasing after her.   "Hello" Eleanor said as we other girls stayed quiet and tried to look cute infront of the camera   "You all look fantastic this evening I must say" she said   "You too. I love your dress by the way The color fits your skin" Perrie said and smiled towards the lady   "Thank you Perrie" she then turned towards me "You must be new to the band crew" she said as she pointed the mic to me   "Yeah I guess I'm kind of new, but I don't belong to the band crew" I said quiet disappointed of what she had thought about me.   "You don't? Well then who do you belong to" she asked   "Well, my heart belongs to Harry" I said   I didn't like where this was going, I figured out that she was an interviewer from some gossip site so I walked away from her. I looked over my shoulder and saw all the girls (including the interviewer) shocked of what I just had done. The girls then quickly walked with me and we met up with the boys.   "I can not believe you just did that!" Eleanor said to me   She had been the girl I had the closest relation ship because of her boyfriend being the roommate to my boyfriend.   "Did what?" Harry said with a confused look on his face   "She practically walked away from an interviewer while they were talking" Eleanor said to Harry right beside me   "Alex what did you that for?!" He asked quiet mad   "She needed to know that she was being rude" I said   We thank walk quietly into the arena, we got backstage passes as the boys were going to perform that night and me and the girls just followed after them.    We walk into the dressing room and the boys got their make up done in last minute as they already had their clothes on. A man with a headset on his head and a mid attached interupted us by opening the door and said "We are live in 5". We figured out that I would probably be best if we headed out way to the arena.   •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••   We were now sitting at the whit table infront of the stage. The lights were put on and we saw a girl on the stage with a black dress on her body. When she started to to sing the song "I knew you were trouble", by that I understood that it was Taylor Swift on stage. I had seen the pictures of her and Harry dating because of course my obsessed friend Clara had to show me who Harrys was dating (in the past) and how much she hated Taylor.   Taylor glanced at our table several times looking at Harry but she hadn't noticed me sitting beside him. I got the feeling that she was singing about Harry and that was when I couldn't hold it in me anymore.   A few seconds later she she looked at Harry again, I was siting right next to him and turn his face with my hand and kissed him right infront of her. After the passionate kiss she then glared at me with a furious stare.   When she was finished with her act she then looked at me with anger I her eyes, Harry noticed and looked mad back at her. It was the right thing of him to do, if he had looked mad at me (supporting her side) it would have been done by now. Sha had no right at all acting the way she did and I teached her a lesson.   After the show we headed back to our car, the car ride was silent the whole way to my flat. I had noticed that Harry was a bit angry so I just kept acting like I didn't know. We reach my door when he gave me a kiss on my lips and then turned around.   "Where are you going?" I asked   "Home" he said as he turned towards me   "Your upset, why?" I asked   "Cause you have been acting strange today" he said   "Look I'm sorry, I'm just not normal to these kind of celebrity things" I said "Can you at least stay for the night?" I asked   "Sure" he said.   I opened the door and went straight upstairs towards my room. I could hear how Harry was right behind me. We got to my room and I walked into the bathroom to clean myself up and removed all the make up I was wearing.   When I got out of the bathroom I saw Harry Laying inte bed but not asleep yet. I decided to take of my clothes infront of him, we were a couple. I walked to Harrys side of the bed and asked him to unzip my dress. He did so and the dress fell down to the ground, revealing that I only had panties on. I quickly ran to my side of the bed and held up the duvet to enter the bed.    I could feel a pair of hands take a grip of my waist and Harry then dragged me closer to his body. I could feel how I slowly drifted of to sleep.
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