The Wicked Spider

In a web of secrets lay a big black spider. He was lazy and complained alot.
He was mean and did not know how to be kind. He made all the little spiders scared. Jumped at them, pulled their legs off, caused so much pain.
Had no friends because everyone "feared" the spider.


3. Soft And Ready

She was soft and ready.  So was he.  As tongues touched and they kissed.  The hotter they became.  They had touch and feel.  Passion and desire.


He could see her in the mirror as they made love.  Her eyes misty and her smile so wide.  He could not get enough of her.  She was all he wanted.  Mr. spider could not stop.  He made love to her until she just about passed out.


When he pulled out.  She moaned and wanted to feel him again.  "What was wrong with her?"   She just met the guy.  "What was she thinking?"


She shook her head in wonder.  She had never felt this way before.  He was good.  Rocked her world.  She could still taste his kiss.  Feel him inside of her.  She was getting "hot" again.  What would he think of her?   If he knew how she was feeling.


He would probably walk away!   Never did she want that.  She wanted to be his everything.  She wanted to be his "wife>"


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