The Wicked Spider

In a web of secrets lay a big black spider. He was lazy and complained alot.
He was mean and did not know how to be kind. He made all the little spiders scared. Jumped at them, pulled their legs off, caused so much pain.
Had no friends because everyone "feared" the spider.


2. As Time Goes On

As time went by.  He liked his self, liked what he saw and what he was.  He made a name for Tony Spider.  People liked him.  Invited him to parties, trusted him.  Then out of no where people started dying.  For no reason didn't know why.!  Everytime they thought they had  caught up with what was causing the deaths.  Nothing showed up.  But he started not liking it.  Didn't enjoy killing any more.  But could not stop!  He was in a web of his own making.


Tony was no longer a spider but a man.  He had to kill to live.  Sometimes he enjoyed it.  Sometimes he did not !  It made no sense to him he had something wrong with him.  As he sat with his  head in his hands there was a ringing in his ears.  A cold chill came over him.  Hot flashes came and went.  He was out of control.  "Then it happened"  he took a walk.  Mr spider, said

hi to people on the street.  They smiled at him.  On he walked not really looking where he was going.  When he stopped in his tracks !  There stood before him a "beautiful girl".  Around eighteen he guessed.  Long blonde hair  and big blue eyes.  Lips painted a deep pink.  Long legs with short dress.  Low cut you could see her cute tits.


He started to move.  His tongue was moving.  His hands was wet.  The wet was on him.  He had to have her , mr spider  asked her if she would join him to watch a movie at his place.  She was "pleased".

They got to the door he was hot.  He could tell she was to !  He pushed her up to the wall.  As he opened his mouth and pushed his tongue  inside.  Tongue met tongue.  One hand held her breast  so cute and small.  He stopped long enough  to lick the tip.  As he watched her smile from ear to ear.  He put his tongue back  and french kissed her long and hard.  While still playing with her breast.  As he took his finger and pushed it up in her.  "Oh my", she really wanted this.  He found out she had no panties on and no bra.  He liked her.  He pushed his finger in harder as she moaned.  She was "wet".   








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