Ze devil under ze heart

Ashy (me)
Alistair (friend)

This girl finds out what she went through is not true...


1. The devil has arrived

It was dark and cold Alistair was walking through the woods..he came across Ashy...She was cold on the floor shaking....Alistair hears a noise "who's there?" Ashy.. "Al?" "yes" then Alistair runs over to me i put my hand on my head a find out that i'm bleeding..."Al what happend?" Ashy... i can see claw marks on the floor...Ashy..loo...ks at her arm and notices that she has scratches....."Al..behind you.." Alistair looks and see...it's a-a-a...BEAST A MONSTER IT'S NOT HUMAN...."Ashy...go run!" Ashy starts to run but suddley stops.."Al what about you?"..Al fighting the Thing no one has ever seen.."Ashy..JUST GO! wait ashy i think it's dead.." Ashy goes and kicks the monster beast thingy unhuman mother fucker..."Al my head is still bleeding..." Alistair makes Ashy go to the hosptail..."Ashy sorry i can't come with you..."

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