Everything went dark

Hazel is abused by her dad. One day she gets sick of it and leaves. What will await her " wonderful" adventure?


2. McDonald's

Hazels P.O.V

I wake up the next morning cold. I look around. There's 20 bucks on the floor. Yes! I finally get to eat breakfast. I grab it and start heading to a McDonalds. I've never really tried it, but I heard its cheap, and really good. I've been walking for 27 minutes now, and I spot a McDonald's 2 blocks away. I run. My head is excited. My stomach is excited for actual food. I enter this McDonald's and wait in line. I see this pancake meal for $3.79. Not bad. I finally get to order. "Can I have the pancake meal" "Ok ma'am with what drink?" "Orange juice please" "ok 3.79 please." I pay her and sit in one of the seats near the restrooms. 2 minutes pass and I play with my phone which has 23% Battery life. I hear the door open and look up. Oh shit. How is he here now?! I get up and hide in the bathroom. He is waiting in line to order. Shit shit shit. What do I do? "Order 32!" Yells the lady who took my order. Oh man. My food! How will I get it? I could wait. But for how long? I didn't know. So I waited. And waited. And waited.
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