Everything went dark

Hazel is abused by her dad. One day she gets sick of it and leaves. What will await her " wonderful" adventure?


3. A new home

I looked into his eyes.. They're so beautiful.. I could stare at those two blue orbs for hours.

Nialls P.O.V

I hugged Hazel. I wanted to be like this forever. I look into her gorgeous green eyes. That wavy long brown hair.. She is a natural beauty. I think I like her. I know I just met her, but that guy abused her! I couldn't just stand around. Plus, he shoved me. Shoving me equals death. It's just weird. I barely met her, and I'm already over protective. "Hey.. I was wondering. Would you like to stay at my place?" I looked away, blushing red of embarrassment. " I don't know I barely know you" she says. I was going to say something until she spoke " Ok, I trust you Niall." Music to my ears! "Ok let me call the lads."

Hazels P.O.V

He calls the "Lads" and hangs up. "They'll be arriving soon" he says to me. "Ok." I say. 10 minutes pass and the "Lads" get here. "Ey Niall! Ready to go?" A guy with puffed up hair in the front said. "Woah.. What's a thing like that doing with you Niall?" A curly haired guy said, with a rather sexy but curious voice. I'm staring at them like they're aliens. 4 aliens to be exact. "Is that your girlfriend Niall?! Eh?! Eh?!" The guy with the striped shirt and suspenders said. "Pffsh she is." Says Liam. I know Liam because I overheard two girls talking about him and they had a picture. "Nialls got a girlfriend! Nialls got a girlfriend!" All four boys say like little kids. Nialls face turns red for embarrassment. " This is a friend of mine. That's all. She isn't my girlfriend!" Niall yells. That's what They all say!! Hahaha" says the curly haired guy. I laugh softy with a hand over my mouth. "So what's your name?" Says the suspender guy. "I'm Hazel." I say softly. "What a pretty name for a beautiful girl" says the curly haired one and winked. I blush. "Hey hey hey. Leave the girl alone. She's staying with me." Says Niall.

Nialls P.O.V

I could already see Harry turning his flirt on. Liam and Zayne laugh. Louis laughs a little too late. "Oh I see how it is." Harry says playfully. "Yeah, she trusts me and-" I get interrupted by Zayne when he yells "Lets get the hell out of here! We're talking in McDonald's like its or HOUSE!" "Ok fine by me" I say and take Hazels hand. We get in the limo.

Hazels P.O.V

We're driving in a limo! I've seen one but never actually used one! This is exciting. -30 minutes- We arrived. Oh boy! We get out of the limo and into the gigantic house. "Welcome home!" Yells the guys, including Niall. I'm a little scared, but mostly excited!

Unknown P.O.V

She may have gotten away because of that son of a bitch, but that whore will pay. Thank god Sabrina put a tracking chip into Hazel when she was born. I chuckle. That bitch doesn't know what's coming. And I will enjoy every second, every cry of pain, and look of fear.
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