It's Always Been You

Katelynn had moved to England when she heard that her family had been killed in a gun shootout. She realized then it was time to restart and forget the bad things. When she had enough money, she moved to the beautiful London, England to pursue her photography dream. She lived in a flat with 2 other roomates, Julia and Hallie. She was just 16 so she had to finish highschool. While there, she was bullied by a girl named Ruth Payne. Ruth's brother Liam had fell in love with Katelynn, but he didn't do anything because of what Ruth was doing. Now, it's after high school and Katelynn and Liam reunite unexpectedly and learn something about eachother.


3. Wow..

We walked to my flat in silence until I broke it. "Liam, who do you think I was talking about back there?" "My sister, Ruth." He sighed and looked up at me. I stopped walking and started to breathe heavily. He rushed over to me and cupped my face in his hands. "Calm down, please. I know exactly how you felt. It hurted me every day to see her hurt somebody that I fell for." His eyes got wide and he went back to walking. Did he say what I think he said? Couldn't be, I'm nothing special at all. I followed him until he slowed down from embarressment. "Liam, please wait up." He waited for me and when I caught up, he kept walking. I don't know what his problem was, but I wish I did. LIAM'S POV I really wanted to tell her what I really felt. It's been years since I have seen her, but that doesn't mean she left my mind. I thought I would never see her after One Direction started. It was amazing that I met her, she looked so well saying after what happened during highschool. "Liam?" "Yes?" "It's nice seeing you again." "You too, Katelynn. Hey, are we almost there? My feet are starting to cramp." "Yeah, our flat is right around this corner." "You have roomates?" "Yeah, but they're at work." I amazed at how much she's grown. It's like just yesterday she was a helpless girl. Now she's this beautiful woman who has completed her life, but she was missing one thing in it: me. KATE'S POV When we reached the flat, I opened the door and walked through. Liam followed me and waited in the living room. "So I'll be right back. Don't do anything in here I wouldn't do." "Yes mom, I won't." He smirked and sat down on the couch. I walked down the hall to my room and closed the door. I took out my hair and let the silky brunette strands fall. I took off my shoes and my dress and laid on the bed. When I realized I was supposed to change, I rushed to my wardrobe to find something loose and nice. I found a pair of leggings that looked like jeans and a red, plaid flannel with a white tank top. I put the flannel on over the tank top and tied it in the front and the leggings on. I searched for my converse, but all I found were my TOMS. I slipped them on and walked out to the living room. Liam saw me, and his mouth was agape. "Wow. You aren't impressing people there, but wow." "Thanks, it's loose so I wore it." That was stupid to say. I'm a stupid person who says stupid things and that was one of them. "Nice to know that you like to wear loose clothing." "Who doesn't. It's so comfy!" His eyes sparkled when he smiled at me. I did so too and walked to the kitchen. "Want a beverage before we leave." I want to sound professional and not seem like I'm falling for him, but it's too late. I hit the cold asphalt the day I first saw him. "Um sure. Water please." "Sure thing chicken wing." I winked after him and heard a small chuckle from behind me. I walked to the fridge and grabbed two water bottles. I was persistent and told Julia and Hallie it would be cheaper if we used bottled water instead of having it come from the faucet. I walked back to where Liam was and saw him staring at a photo on the wall. When I got closer, I saw it was a picture of me in my high school years. "Hey, are you okay? You're googly-eyed over there." "Yes, I'm perfectly well." "Oh, well here's your water." I handed him his water and when our hands touched, we both looked at eachother and smiled. "Thank you." He uncapped his water bottle and chugged half his water. "Thirsty much?" "Very thirsty. Thank you so much for the bottled water." "Anything for you." Oh no, did that come out? Now I feel like I'm making it obvious that I 'fancy' him. I skipped back to the front door and waited for Liam to follow. As soon as he was next to me, I felt his warm hand hold mine. "You don't mind if we hold hands, do you?" "Not at all. Are you scared something might happen to you?" I'm teasing him at this point, but I feel like I'm making fun of him. LIAM'S POV Actually, I'm afraid that something will happen to you. And I wish that you could see how much I care for you. I felt that I would never be able to tell her these things or ever hold her hand, but we are friends. She'll do things with me and one day, I know she'll  realize that I'm desparatly in love with her. "Where to, Daddy Direction?" I saw a smirk from the corner of her lips and open the door. "To my flat, which is surprisingly nearby. About a 5 minute walk." "Nice. Hold on one more time, I must have my clutch." And once more, she left me alone with photographs of her and her friends. I walked over to one that had 3 girls who I assumed were Kate, Julia, and Hallie. They were very attractive, but I paid most attention to Katelynn. She was wearing a letterman jacket with an Ed Sheeran shirt underneath. She likes Eddie, how nice. They were at the fair because I saw that they were on the ferris wheel with spools of cotton candy. I then realized that fair occured last year. One Direction perfomed at the fair that year, and I always go on the rides at the fair. But that day was the worst day ever. Danielle, my ex, broke up with me. She didn't have very good reasons too. Kate came back and saw me looking at her pictures. "I love the fair. I always win at the games, excluding the ball throw." "I could win you a huge teddy bear with that game." She started jumping up and down on her toes. "Really?! I would love that!" KATE'S POV He'd win me a huge teddy bear? I'm loving him more and more now. He doesn't have to, but I would love that. "Well, shall we go now?" "Most definately." He walked outside, faced me and pointed to the right of my flat. ''This way to my flat." I got down from the steps and reached for Liam's hand. ''Why thank you, m'dear.'' ''Anytime, buttercup.'' We both laughed and once we got the giggles out of us, we started walking to his flat.------ It was fun at Liam's flat. Harry tried flirting with me, but I didn't do much with him. I would glance over at Liam to see how he was every now and then. He was happy hanging out with Niall. Then Zayn, the mysterious one, came over and playfully punched my shoulder. ''Ow. What was that for.'' It kind of hurt, since I'm weak. ''Vas happenin' girl?'' ''Nothing much. How about you?'' ''I think I know your dirty little secret.'' My eyes got wide and I dragged him into another room by his ear. ''What the hell?! Let me go!'' I slammed the door shut and faced him. ''HOW DO YOU KNOW I LIKE HIM?!'' He laughed. ''I didn't. I just had a feeling so I said that." ''Zayn, please don't tell him. Please." I was in tears because what if he doesn't like me back? I would probably put myself in solitary confinment. ''Don't worry. Your secret is safe with this sexy beast.'' He started to do weird poses and I couldn't help but laugh. ''I think it's cute that you think that.'' ''It's true, though. Oh yeah, I know Li Li's dirty little secret, too." He winked after me and walked out of the bedroom. Wow. Liam Likes me.


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