It's Always Been You

Katelynn had moved to England when she heard that her family had been killed in a gun shootout. She realized then it was time to restart and forget the bad things. When she had enough money, she moved to the beautiful London, England to pursue her photography dream. She lived in a flat with 2 other roomates, Julia and Hallie. She was just 16 so she had to finish highschool. While there, she was bullied by a girl named Ruth Payne. Ruth's brother Liam had fell in love with Katelynn, but he didn't do anything because of what Ruth was doing. Now, it's after high school and Katelynn and Liam reunite unexpectedly and learn something about eachother.


2. Un-normal Day Made Worse

I walked to where the boys were sitting down and waited for them to see me. I cleared my throat and saw they were already looking at me. "Thank you for getting the paps away," said a boy I believe to be Niall. "You are very welcome. I was tired of their ruckus anyways. Then one stood up who I think was Harry and held out his hand. "I'm Harry, Harry Sexy Styles." I raised an eyebrow, but I shook his hand. "And I'm Katelynn. Katelynn Anne Smalley." "And I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!" The boy who apparently was Louis shoved Harry away with his bum and shook my hand. I laughed because this isn't what you see everyday. The blonde boy got up and shook my hand aswell. "I'm Niall. Niall Horan, but just call me Niall or whatever you want, Love." He smiled and I smiled back. "Well, all I can say is I'm adorin that Horin!" Did I seriously say that? In front of him?! "Awwww!" Harry was being cheeky and thought I liked Niall. I laughed so hard, I tripped over my heels and fell on my bum. "Owwie!" Then the two boys who hadn't introduced themselves helped me onto a lounge chair. "Thank you -" I didn't know their names so I paused. Then the boy with tattoos all over his arms eyes widened. "Oh yeah, I'm Zayn." "And I'm Liam. Sorry for not telling you earlier." We chit-chatted for an hour until the museum had to close. "Well, I have to close the place now. Mayb-" I was cut off by Liam. "You can hangout over at my flat, if you'd like to?" "Sure, I just have to change out of this first." "You look very lovely today Katelynn." Now Liam was trying to make up for earlier, but I blushed. I don't blush often, but he made me feel pretty. "Thank you Mr. Payne." At that moment I had an awful memory from high school, the day I met my bully Ruth Payne. FLASHBACK It was a good day by the looks of it. I found out I'm in all the same classes as Julia and nothing bad was happening. I walked towards my locker until I saw someone leaning against it. I walked up to her and smiled. "Hello, I'm Katelynn, the new girl. And you are?" I frowned when she slapped my hand away. "I'm the person who will make you wish you had never been born." Right then and there, she shoved her fist into my gut and laughed. I squealed in pain and watched her walk away laughing. "Day one complete! It gets worse, trust me!" She yelled to me through the halls. END OF FLASHBACK They were all staring at me and I had no idea why. Then I felt my eyes and they were wet. I cried right infront of them for no reason; well there was just they didn't know. Liam walked over to me and looked me in the eyes. "Are you alright, Love?" I shook my head and they all looked puzzled. "What's the matter?" "I had an awful memory. When I first came here, I was still in highschool. I got bullied there and I wished I didn't exist." This made Liam upset, I could tell by his expression. He gave me a tight hug and whispered in my ear. "I think I know who you're talking about." When he let go, my eyes were wide.

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