It's Always Been You

Katelynn had moved to England when she heard that her family had been killed in a gun shootout. She realized then it was time to restart and forget the bad things. When she had enough money, she moved to the beautiful London, England to pursue her photography dream. She lived in a flat with 2 other roomates, Julia and Hallie. She was just 16 so she had to finish highschool. While there, she was bullied by a girl named Ruth Payne. Ruth's brother Liam had fell in love with Katelynn, but he didn't do anything because of what Ruth was doing. Now, it's after high school and Katelynn and Liam reunite unexpectedly and learn something about eachother.


1. This Day isn't Normal

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping once more. I turned it off and went for the shower in my room of the flat. Julia was a special soul and decided to take off the doors in our personal bathrooms. I kept forgetting about it, so I tried to close the "door". I laughed at my stupidity and got undressed. I turned the shower on hot and stepped in, not letting it heat up. I have the slowest shower, so I jumped out and screamed and shivered. I got back in once I saw steam. After the shower, I blow dried my hair and changed into a formal outfit ( and did my hair in a bun. My whole staff had to look formal because the Grand Duke of Scotland was coming to see my art; well, my photographs. I take pictures of nature, people, and even myself! I finished grooming myself, grabbed my cammera, and was off to work.***                                                                                                                Work was pretty normal, but such a rush with the Grand Duke. He had interviewers surrounding him even when he asked to be alone. How rude! When they left, I saw them go surround a group of boys. I knew who they were too; One Direction. I thought of Julia and Hallie because they were creepy stalker fans. Then I took the Grand Duke to see pictures of the whole England. He left after that, giving me a good report on how well of a tour I give. I decided to see the other crowd in my museum, so I walked over to it. "What is going on over here? Please go, you'll get your interviews later. now go!" I yelled at the crowdand saw the interviewers run out. Then the 5 boys went to the lounge and sat down

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