It's Always Been You

Katelynn had moved to England when she heard that her family had been killed in a gun shootout. She realized then it was time to restart and forget the bad things. When she had enough money, she moved to the beautiful London, England to pursue her photography dream. She lived in a flat with 2 other roomates, Julia and Hallie. She was just 16 so she had to finish highschool. While there, she was bullied by a girl named Ruth Payne. Ruth's brother Liam had fell in love with Katelynn, but he didn't do anything because of what Ruth was doing. Now, it's after high school and Katelynn and Liam reunite unexpectedly and learn something about eachother.


4. Join Us, M'dear

KATE'S POV I walked out of the bedroom in complete shock. I never knew that Liam liked me, but this was amazing. I reached inside my clutch and searched for my phone. Once found, I looked through my contacts until I found Julia's name. I clicked her name and opened imessage. "Julia, come over to hang out with me and my friends. You'll be dying to meet them." "Fine where do they live?" "2 blocks to the right of our flat." She didn't respond so I assumed she was on her way. Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Liam ran to it and opened the door. Julia was there and was shockingly containing herself. I walked over next to Liam and smiled. "Hi Julia. How do you do, m'dear?" "Um, good. You know Liam Payne?" Liam let her in and led her to the couch. The other boys were sitting there and made room for her. She was stuck between Harry and Niall. "Why hello there buttercup!" Harry was trying to be flirtatiously bodacious with my best friend. Good luck Mr. Harry Sexy Styles, she's inlove with the little snowflake on the other side of her. "Hi, Harry." She seemed very excited, but acted shy. Julia looked at Niall and smiled. "Hi, I'm Julia." "Why hello there m'dear." Niall's eyes lit up when he saw her, and at that moment I knew they would desparately fall for eachother. "Julia, I would like you to meet Har-" "I know who they are, Kate. Don't play stupid. You know I'm one of their fans." I threw my arms up as if I was surrendering. "Fine, I give up!" Everyone laughed as I rushed to the kitchen. I was followed by Liam who probably wanted to take this moment and make his move. Once I knew we couldn't be seen by anyone, I turned around to face Liam. Not actually knowing what would come, I was suprised to have him cup my face and kiss me on the lips. When he pulled back, he smiled and dropped his hands to my side. "You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that." I leaned in and spoke softly into his ear. "You have no idea how long I've wanted you to do that."

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