Bills Amazing Birthday

Not Telling You
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8. 1:30

1:30 - I rememberd how to click the Respawn button so I came back to life and I had to say bye to the devil and his new children that I did not Help whith making, but who is the femail? THE DEVEIL and defenatly not me after yesterday night whith the sex change in bed.

1:40 - Gues what, NOTHING, thats what

1:41 - well that was anti climatic

1:45 - Ok, I have got a joke for you, knock knock
whos there
a pineaple
pineaple who
I ate it

1:59 - OMG its 1 minute till half way trough my birthday and I have alreddy took 1223456 shits and had at least 43y6 meals. I havent got any presants yet. I wonder why. (then I remember that everyone I know I raped or murderd yesterday) PS: that wasent me
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