Bills Amazing Birthday

Not Telling You
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5. 11:00 Continued

11:30 - Guines Word Records came in and told me I had won the award of largest shit in 1 hour. then they set me free whith a bill board so I dident drown. I got my trophy and ate a chip

11:31 - I dident take a shit, I ate the fridge insted, then I took a shit.

11:50 - just fineshed eating my delisose fridge. then I ran out of the window

11:56 - My armers hert, what is this jusy liquid. my jelly fruit took a shit down a saxaphone and it landed on a duck wich qacked and ate a whine gum out of my face. then i took a shit.

11:52 - I cant tell time, yay

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