Caliegh and Casandra have been best friends for years, they share the same story and are always together. What happens when their favourite band One Direction kidnaps them? READ PS. sorry for the bad grmme, i'm only 7 s no blaming me!


1. Kidnapped

"'Cause you've got that one thing." I blurted out and my best friend Caligh started singing as loud as she can. "SO GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" We were huge directioners and our dream was to go to a concert together. But with our fathers we have to sneak out of our houses to go for a walk, like right now. Both of our mothers died when we were six, at that time we didn't even know each other. Our fathers would pay girls to have sex with them and when our moms died the money died with her. To make up for it, they would rape Caligh and I. We're used to it now but still don't like it. Her and I shared everything! As we were walking Caligh pointed to three shadows that were coming towards us. Then they started running after us. "RUN" I did as Caligh said and ran as fast as I could. As I was running a was able to whisper "no matter who they are my names Issabel and you are Leah." She nodded and we kept running. Caligh tripped and I helped her up. He pointed towards a van and ran. Right before she climbed inside I told her that this is what they wanted us to do and we can't. I've always had an inrest in this stuff. She walked in and I followed. Someone grabbed her arm and she threw a punch. It was too late, we were in the van. "I told you!" I said as I held her hand. We saw five people, then a boy with an Irish accent spoke, "it's fine girls calm down." Then one of them agreed, this one with a british accent. We still couldn't see their faces and I looked at Caligh. Then I whispered in her ear "Five people, Irish ad British." I looked at her and we smiled. Could it really be One Direction. The one took of his hood and I saw Liam Payne. Caligh squealed and I stayed silent, I was definitely the shy kind. The rest took of their hoods and it was defiantly them. Caligh jumped up asking for autographs. I pushed her down into her seat. "ARE YOU CRAZY THEY JUST KIDNAPPED US!" I yelled, then I quickly apologized but she agreed. "So your not a fan." Zayn asked me. "I WAS UNTILL YOU SICK PEOPLE KIDNAPPED US!" i yelled.  "you missy need to learn your lesson!" Zayn got up. What the heck did he mean?  Then he whent to hit me, i know the type of throw he used and it wouldn't hurt me.  I still didn't want to be hit so i blocked with my left arm the punched him in the stomach.  I told you I was into this kind of stuff. he fell down and the other four boys surrounded me, one of them I can take, but all of them togther and they would kill me.  Harry threw me against the wall, then they ran and started to hit me.  was able to block most of there hits but some got to me. Caligh got up and joined the fight.  Everyone was in a giant fight, except Zayn for obviouse reasons, but Niall stayed back to, i wonder why.  After a while harry was pinning me up against the wall and louis pined Caligh.  Liam was in the middle.  The other two still stayed back.  Then i screamed, "I CAN TAKE YOU" "I know you can, but she can't." Lam pointed at Caligh.  Then they both kissed us and wouldn't let go. I bit down on Harry's lip, not a love bite, an actuall bit. He pulled back and i kicked him in the balls throwing him back. Then i tugged on louis hair and he flew back to.  Liam yelled at us to sit down and we did as we were told.  I had a couple bruises, but Caligh only had one.  Lucky.  The van stopped and i was led by Harry into his house, Caligh led by Louis.  Liam behind us and Nial and Zayn already in the house.    When we walked in there was a kitchen to the left and a hall to the right.  There were 9 doors in the hall most likly mostly bed rooms.  Then straght in front of us there was the living room. There were two love seats, one single seater and one three seater. Caligh and I ran to the love seater hoping none of the boys would sit beside us. It worked.  Then Liam sat in the one seater, Niall and Zayn on the other love seat and Louis and Harry on the three seater.  Liam held out his hand and spoke sternly, "Hand them over." I know he was talking about phones but Caligh and I wernt aloud to have one because of our dads.  "We dont have any." I smirked and he checked Calighs pocket. Why not mine?  Well i guess he knows im more the fighter.  Shit! He pulled out Caligh's Ipod, then knowing what he would do next I willingly gave him mine.  It didn't really matter because both of us had passwords that only eachother knew.  "Our lock screens." Caligh whispered to me lauphing. I just remembered that my screen was a picture of Niall and Caligh's screen was a picture of Zayn.  "Whats so funny?" Harry and Louis spit at us. "You'll find out soon enough." I said just as Liam turned on our Ipods.  He looked at us weirdly and we giggled. Harry and Louis looked mad but Niall and Zayn were blushing. I nugded Caligh and my eyes led hers to the two boys. We bothed smiled.  Then he slid the button to open Caligh's Ipod.  She does't have any of our names on it so I was happy he started with ehrs. The password came up.  Only me and her knew it and i saw her smirk and shake her head when Liam asked her what it is.  Then he tried everything related to One Direction.  Stuck up much.  But once he got to Zayn's birthday it opened.  She looked down embarissed of her password. He passed the Ipod to Louis and moved on to mine.  he started by typing anything Niall related, when that didn't work he moved on to One Direction facts.  After a bunch of failed atempts he threw me the Ipod and yelled at me to open it.  I know that most people have passwords that mean something to them, so mine means nothing, it's just four random numbers, 7901.  I pretended to stumble while unlocking it but I was really just deleting anything that had mine or Caligh's real name.  "Okay bed time girls."  Louis yelled.  "Ummmm, lou it's only 9:00" I said while giving him a confused look.  Then his phone beeped from a text.  He looked at it worried and i grbbed it laughing.  Then me and Caligh ran around the house with all five boys chasing us.  Laughing though, not like they wanted to hurt us.  I ran into a room with Caligh and locked the boys out.  I knew they were on the other side of the door so I read it really loud to tease them.  "GOODNIGHT MY LITTLE BUMS. DON"T FORGET YOUR BEDTIME IS 9:30. I DONT WANT YOU STAYING UP TOO LATE. -PAUL." Caligh and I walked out dying with lauphter.  "It's not our bedtime it's yours." Caligh said and we cracked up even more.  They looked mad, but playfully.  Niall picked me up and Zayn picked up Caligh.  "Let's go girls." They said.  Then started walking in different directions.  Wait i thought we would atleast be able to sleep in the same room.  "Wait, can me and Caligh sleep in the same room." I asked kindly.  "Ya we won't try anything. We promise." Caligh added.  They looked at eachother and then Zayn walked over and started walking with Niall. It worked.  They put us down and before they closed the door we yelled.  "We need pyjamas." Zayn put up his finger telling us to wait then ran away with Niall. A minute later they came back carying two shirts, "These are big on us so they will be like gowns on you."  We closed the door then locked it.  We came out waring the shirts we were given ready to say good night to the boys. we walked into the living room to see three angry boys.  Niall and Zayn already said goodnight to us so there probably in bed now.  "Wha't wrong?" I asked looking worried.  Then Liam stood up, "You girls, no locking doors.  That's a rule here and if you disobay then you will be punished." I rolled my eyes.  How were we supposed to know.  Then Caligh nodded and He looked at me, i did the same.  Before they took off i grabbed Liams arm turning him around.  "What?" He asked me kindly, wow kindly, thats not something I would think of to describe the boys.  "Our ipods." I replied.  "You arnt getting them back." This time he spat the words out, there's the Liam only Caligh and I know and hate.  "Please. you cant send us to bed at this time and not even give us a way to entertaine our selves. And we will only have two games, promise.  Ice cream jump and." Then Caligh chimed in with, "Tiny towers."  These were the games we played the most.  Then i saw Louis and harry grabb the Ipods.  They restricted the internet and deleted all other games. Then they threw the Ipods back at us. Caligh ducked and it flew past her, lucky because if she didnt then it would of hit her hard. The case protected it.  I cought mine and smirked at the boys.  They aint getting any fear out of me.  We turned and walked towards the rooms.  I lay down beside Caligh.  "We need to get the internet and text someone for help.  I used to see billboards and signs everywhere for some type of kids help or something and i have the number imprinted in head."   I spoke softley so the boys wouldnt hear.  "I dont know about you but I dont want to go back to my dad." Caligh also whispered. I stared blankly at the celing.  "Your right." I whispered letting out a sigh.  We played on our pods for a while and then I reached for a charger that the boys gave us.  Caligh did the same and we fell right asleep.

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