By The Rocks

My Poem, about love and loss.


1. By the rocks

The days of love are over, my friend,
The days of love are over,
The glories of adoration are dying again,
Dying, over and over,

The day we met, swirls in a cacophony of pain,
As I sit here, quiet trying to remember,
With the flowers of love sprouting where I had lain,
I recall as I sit now this December


For the days of kissing are gone my love,
The days of kissing are over,
The splashes of happiness dried out this time,
Cracking under the hot, hot sun


I can still feel the warmth of your arms around me,
Soft and gentle like the blue skies blinking softly above,
But only now does the truth come out so I see,
That warmth comes not from the skin, but from the ocean of love,


The smiles of bygones are drowned my sweet,
The smiles of bygones are gone,
Swept up in a tsunami of tears of mine,
Scattered deep among the fishes


So I'll leave you this message that I know you will read,
Tucked here by this place where only you can see,
I leave with my body, but my mind will stay here to bleed,

The love note, the flowers, the tombstone and me


The days of grieving are over, my true love,

The days of grief are subdued,

Locked away in a cupboard for only me to open,

When I need you, with me.

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