Why is it so hard to love you

Kyra is Eleanor's younger sister and has known one direction longer than el but eleanor still got the guy. Kyra falls for niall as he does for her. Will there summer be filled with passion and romance or tension and drama?


6. Nialls true self....

Kyras p.o.v.... It was Christmas Day my sister hates me my parents died 16 years ago and I'm starving, the only upside is I had niall my one and only... My future forever. I new niall would be starved so I was in the kitchen making us lunch there was cold ham in the fridge so I made my ham, cheese, tomato, pickles and gerkin sandwich two for me four for niall. As I was starving them up my ringtone goes off, I walk to my iPhone and pick it up without realising it was Nialls phone I picked it up and read the text it was from he's ex girlfriend tahlia it said " hey babe I miss u:( can't wait till tomorrow I love u~ T xxx"

ohmigod thre still dating I thought he loved me why is he doing this to me? I dropped the plate and ran to my room. Niall was at Eleanor's door probably talking to louis but I was mad "what are you snogging el behind the sences too." I shout at his face eleanor came out of her room and looked a me blankly. I couldn't deal with it anymore all the stares the judgemental faces. I ran to my room and slammed the door shut. I heard Nialls voice the thick Irish accent " kyra what's going on why did you say that to me?" He asked so politely.

I didn't know what to say, tahlia has always been jelous of me and niall our friendship we used to be like sisters she new i had feelings for niall, that's why she asked him out after that we grew apart! "Leave me alone run to tahlia..." I paused I had pretty much just given him away, but if he's still seeing her than I had to do it. " what?" He asked he's voice broke as did my heart I couldn't talk next thing I no el burst in my room......

Hey my bootifuls so I'm holding a comp for someone to b Harry's girl. If you r interested just leave ur name and a description of ur personality and appearance and how u want hazard to act around u.... I will b picking a winner soon so get commenting all my love foreva and always ~ kyra xx
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