Why is it so hard to love you

Kyra is Eleanor's younger sister and has known one direction longer than el but eleanor still got the guy. Kyra falls for niall as he does for her. Will there summer be filled with passion and romance or tension and drama?


12. Making it right..


"Niall Tahlias.....pregnant.." I couldn't breath I couldn't move. I was motionless. She got pregnant then cheated on me, knowing I wouldn't break-up with her. I couldn't marry her though she deceived me, why didn't I just be with Kyra, why did Thalia text me that night. All of these things were going through my head. "I'm leaving." I said to Kyra, she just looked at me blankly, she dint hurt me I hurt her and now it's like I'm punishing her for it. I hopped in my car I was shaking shaking hard. I had tears streaming down face, not cause of tahlia I couldn't give a shit about her. But I hurt Kyra I hurt her badly I loved her with all my heart I let her go. I veered off the road and slammed into a tree. All I remember is seeing kyras face and only kyras face. BAM I felt the impact I swore I was dead.


We were all sitting around watching the news and a car that was pretty messed up then there was the headline was NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION DIES IN CAR ACCIDENT!" Just as we saw that my phone rung. "Yes this is kyra...yes Hu what no please no." I broke down into tears.
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