Why is it so hard to love you

Kyra is Eleanor's younger sister and has known one direction longer than el but eleanor still got the guy. Kyra falls for niall as he does for her. Will there summer be filled with passion and romance or tension and drama?


2. Just hungover you!

Kyras p.o.v... I woke up the next morning feeling crap my head hurt I was in a daze and than I new it i threw up. Next thing I know niall my Prince Charming was there holding my hair back comforting me. "Wh..what happened last night?" I managed to get out through my tears I didn't no why I was crying I mean it's just puke right? Niall looked at me with those big blue eyes and said " You told me that you loved me. And I said I loved you to but we were both blind so we were crazy!" I nodded and he looked at me eyes full of doubt and walked away.

I may have been drunk but I did love him I have loved him for 4 years how can he not see that? After half an hour of puking and crying I realised it was Christmas Day.......

Niall a p.o.v... She was so beautiful even when she pukes she's gorgeous. I want to tell her I love her but I no she just wants to be friends. But on the up side it was Christmas I better go call mum then I looked at my watch it was 12:30 in the afternoon we must of got pretty drunk oh well we're were the other boys I no Liam zayne and Perrie went home but louis el and haz didn't I don't think I go to get kyra to ask her but she was gone to..... I had to find her....
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