Why is it so hard to love you

Kyra is Eleanor's younger sister and has known one direction longer than el but eleanor still got the guy. Kyra falls for niall as he does for her. Will there summer be filled with passion and romance or tension and drama?


19. Hurting

kyra's P.O.V 

I didnt know what to say after my conversation with Paul, i was scared i was actually going to brake Nialls focus, so i grabbed the first bag i saw, i packed my bag, and i got in my car, i sent Niall a text, 'im sorry' i wrote, i had tears streaming down my face, I didnt know where i was going to stay, but i had to  leave, I loved him so much, I couldnt let him suffer, i drove out of our drive way, then my phone buzzed, it was from Niall, my heart sunk, 'sorry for what? Paul told me what he said, dont listen babe, please, I love you,' The sobbed as i read the message, i didnt know what to reply, so i left it, my phone rang about five times, I couldnt bring myself to answer it, i wasnt focusing and i nearly crashed into the car infront of me,im so upset, my stomach is hurting and i have a headache, Falling in love with Niall was the biggest mistake, I loved him with my while heart, and i can feel it breaking, i never wanted to hurt him, ever. I pulled over and rang Perrie my best friend "hello?" she said as she answered the phone "per? can i uh, come and stay, I cant stay here, i cant, per, i dont know what to do, what do i do?" i started sobbing, as i started to talk again, there was knock on the window of my car, i gasped. 

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