Why is it so hard to love you

Kyra is Eleanor's younger sister and has known one direction longer than el but eleanor still got the guy. Kyra falls for niall as he does for her. Will there summer be filled with passion and romance or tension and drama?


14. First kiss all over again....


"Niall I'm here." I burst in to the room "don't ever do that again. I was... I thought." I broke down "I thought you died god damn I thought you died. Niall Horan I love you." He smiled at me then started to cry. "Kyz I'm sorry for all the shit I caused you, you didn't deserve it. I love you to." And with that my lips touched his it was like our first kiss. All over again. But then I pulled away. "Tahlia what about tahlia she's pregnant." I say my voice filled with sadness "I don't think that it's mine. I think it's harrys" he said to me "what he. She . They they, he's supposed to be your friend what what are you going to do." "I don't know get a paternity and go for there I guess, but I love you through all of this believe me I'm never gonna hurt you I promise." He said to me "I know, cause if you did you will be dead I promise." I laughed he laughed until reality kicked in.


He was awake, but with her. I had to tell them that the baby is Harry's me and Harry had slept together just over three weeks ago. I'm so stupid I shouldn't have done it or lied to them I've hurt them to much already.
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