A New Life

This story is about a girl named Summer. Her brother, sister and herself were born in Perth, Australia. They moved to Hawaii when Summer was one. Now they are moving back to Perth and Summer frets about friends and life in a completely different place...

I wrote this last year so it may not be perfect... at all.
I hope I'm not a boring writer.


1. The News of the Move


                                                                                                            30th of December 2007                                                   


Hi my name is Summer, I’m starting this diary so I can tell my friends how my life was in Australia. To start off with I was born in Perth, Australia, but I moved to Hawaii when I was one. I am twelve years old now; I have long chestnut brown hair, and the same coloured eyes. I have a mum who is 37 and a dad who is 39, an older brother Jake, and an older sister, Clara, they’re twins at the age of 16, and were also born in Australia. My mum wants us to move back to Australia, dads not so keen, my brother and sister don’t care although they love Hawaii, but as for me I have begged them all for weeks not to move I have lived in Hawaii all my life I have friends here, a school here everything is wonderful. But they want to move because Australia has better hospitals better medication all that stuff apparently. Mum keeps on saying it’s because the family live there, but she’s getting bigger, not saying that she’s fat but I think she’s having a baby we all do. We have to leave TOMORROW! It really sucks but apparently we will be there to see the New Years fireworks.

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