A New Life

This story is about a girl named Summer. Her brother, sister and herself were born in Perth, Australia. They moved to Hawaii when Summer was one. Now they are moving back to Perth and Summer frets about friends and life in a completely different place...

I wrote this last year so it may not be perfect... at all.
I hope I'm not a boring writer.


3. The New House


1st of January 2008


Well I have a huge room as well as a huge house, it’s so awesome! If people found out I lived here serious popularity booster, but first of course I have to see if they like me, cos if they find out about this they’ll like me because they think I’m rich. Well I have to unpack in the morning so I better get some sleep in my new king size four poster bed! GOOD NIGHT!

                                                                                2nd of January 2008


Well I just finished probably the most tiring day of my life I’ve had yet, I can’t believe mum woke me up just to unpack my stuff that arrived this morning (we sent all our stuff like a week before only keeping the essentials, that we could carry in our bags, Clara had an especially large bag that she filled only with makeup). It took hours to unpack everything but now I can explore! There are so many rooms here, hundreds perhaps. I simply must explore them (while I’m at it I might try to get into Jake and Clara’s rooms and steal something, unfortunately we do have locks on our doors now). Well I’m writing and walking at the same time so my writing might get messier might not, I’m currently outside my bedroom on the top floor (there are two or three floors maybe more not so sure it was dark when we arrived here), my room was the first one in the hall, there are about twenty other doors on my side of the hall and another twenty on the other.   

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