A New Life

This story is about a girl named Summer. Her brother, sister and herself were born in Perth, Australia. They moved to Hawaii when Summer was one. Now they are moving back to Perth and Summer frets about friends and life in a completely different place...

I wrote this last year so it may not be perfect... at all.
I hope I'm not a boring writer.


2. Plane Notes


                                                                                                                    31st of December 2007


I’m on the plane now, we just took off, and we have to land in all these different places before we arrive in Sydney. Then about an hour later we go on a flight to Perth and arrive at our new house (they say it’s pretty close to being a mansion). Jake and Clara are going to be all right going to Australia because they lived there until they turned six and I turned one. They have kept in contact with friends and told their other classmates they would probably return later on (yeah twelve years later!). As for me; let’s think, no friends, haven’t met family (forgot to mention that I think, the whole family lives there except us), don’t know how the schools work, I know absolutely nothing! How am I supposed to survive!?

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