A New Life

This story is about a girl named Summer. Her brother, sister and herself were born in Perth, Australia. They moved to Hawaii when Summer was one. Now they are moving back to Perth and Summer frets about friends and life in a completely different place...

I wrote this last year so it may not be perfect... at all.
I hope I'm not a boring writer.


4. Exploration


                                                                               2nd of January 2008


I managed to explore my floor although I didn’t manage to find my brother or my sister’s rooms I guess they are on another floor. This might be the last time I write in you for a while, unfortunately Jake and Clara are snooping too, Jake probably would keep out but Clara would find something to take. Mum’s calling for dinner so I’ve got to go might write soon might not. But I will write before I start school don’t worry.  

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