Irish Luck

Elizabeth Hughmoore is just an ordinary girl in 5th grade qhen she met the. well known popstar niall horan. Over the past few years they had been best friends but one day in the middle of summer Elizabeth was walking down irelands beautiful streets headed towards nialls house he wasnt there. Little did she know niall and his family moved to england. Ten years later her gousewas getting run down so her family had to move to england. Since shes the new kid shes gonna get bullied but theres always gonna be one kid stood by her side.


5. tears

I remember waking up and being shook to death by mace. "Wake up their here! She shouted. I ran to the bathroom and sploshed some makeup on my face. Me and mace are really close driends now. I would techniquly call us sisters. "Elizabeth hurey were gonna be late! I hustled over to my wordeobe and threw on a pair of leggings a cufe small skirt a tank top and a shawl. After i was ready we ran downstairs and burst through the doors. "Sorry were late! She apolijetically said. "As i was saying before these two young ladies decided to join us. These next few months the top boy band will be joining us. I will put you into teams. The boy band is... One direction! All the boys came from behind the curtains. Everyone applaud, even me. "Like I said you will be put into groups. Your group will contain 4 -5 people. After she called a bazillion namesmixed she finally says, niall. Tour group is romance. Your group contains elly baine, mazonei hex, samantha ritnower, and savvannah xlast. Everybody scattered to tgeir groups
"Umm excuse me ms. Nlaine, but im not in a. group. "Oh um let meand check my list. Let's see your with niall. I walk up to jis group and he gi es me a funny look like a you seemvery familiar look. I fo up to him and said, "niall, your back. I hug him but hr says, "excuse me but who are you? "Niall, its me elizabeth. Elizabeth hughmoore! I screamed. He looked at me with his bold blue eyes. "Im sorry but i dont know any elizabe-" he was anout to say something else but i xut him off."I niall! I cant beleive you sont even remember your best driend from ireland that yiu left and stopped talking to!"I ran out crying. I could tell by tge look on his face it clickex in his head that he remwmbered me right when i stirmed off. "Elizabetg wait! He yelled but harry held him back. "Let her cool down. He looked at the vround all sad like and said, "i cant beleive i didnt remember."
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