Irish Luck

Elizabeth Hughmoore is just an ordinary girl in 5th grade qhen she met the. well known popstar niall horan. Over the past few years they had been best friends but one day in the middle of summer Elizabeth was walking down irelands beautiful streets headed towards nialls house he wasnt there. Little did she know niall and his family moved to england. Ten years later her gousewas getting run down so her family had to move to england. Since shes the new kid shes gonna get bullied but theres always gonna be one kid stood by her side.


1. memories


It was the first day of fifth grade. Elizabeth was a very shy girl. She didnt have any friends yetbebecause she had left them all in canuary, Ireland. It was a fresh start for elizabeth. New life, new friends, new people what could go wrong. Everything. "Have a good day cupcake!" My mom screamed from the car. "Ill try." I replied. "Oh! Your here ms. Hughmoore. Class. This is our new student umm whats your name dear? "Elizabeth. I said in a lojd whisper. "Would everyone welcome ms. Hughmoore." No one greeted me. I sat down next to a boy with brown hair. He actually breeted me. "Hi im niall. He said in a cute irish accent. "Hi. Im elizabeth. "Nice name you got. He said. He smiled widly at me and i couldnt help but giggle. He had white braces covering his teeth. I smiled back and just stares at my teeth. I have braces too. Mine are green blue and orange. He looked exasperated at the colors. At lunch niall came to sit with me at a table wherw i sat. We talked alot and barely ate. Thats how it was for years. One summer evening i asked my mum if i could go over to nialls. Of course she aproved. I skipped all the way there. I ran up the steps and rung the doorbell a bagillion times. A big fat guy appearedl
.. "excuse me is niall home? "Who the fuck is niall? I stepped back in fear. This had to be his house. The only blue house on west oak lane. I ran straight home and up to my room. I checked my email and saw tnat i had gotten like 12 messages from niall. They all said the same thing. Im sorry i didnt even know we were moving to england. He would email me every day until all the emailing stopped in eleventh grade. I saw him in the exfactor.he was really talented. I tried to email him but it kept saying message denied. Did niall forget about me?

Please comment what you think. If you do id really aprichiate that. And i need some characters. If your interested in this contest email the characters name age personality and who their friends with. My email is
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