Irish Luck

Elizabeth Hughmoore is just an ordinary girl in 5th grade qhen she met the. well known popstar niall horan. Over the past few years they had been best friends but one day in the middle of summer Elizabeth was walking down irelands beautiful streets headed towards nialls house he wasnt there. Little did she know niall and his family moved to england. Ten years later her gousewas getting run down so her family had to move to england. Since shes the new kid shes gonna get bullied but theres always gonna be one kid stood by her side.


3. meeting new people

She wore heavy makeup. "Hi im mazeion. You can call me mace" "hi um mace im amelia" she got out her sheets and placed them on her bed. She hung up posters like skrillex and asking Alexandria and wiz califa and snoop lion and... "one direction?' I say very confused. "Oh their the new boy band. Their absolitly amazing. My favorites Liam" "what's their names" "I um that harry styles with the pretty eyes and brown locks, that's zany the guy with brwn hair and a blonde streak, that's Liam with the shaved head, that's Louis with the sexy hair and amazing eyes, and nasty that's Niall Horan" "did you just say niall Horan" "yeah why? You know him" sorta I grew up with him. We used to be best friends back in ireland." "That is so dcool!!!" I sorta bragged. "Well your in luck! Their coming here this friday for a whole semester! And you can remit Niall!!!!!!!" She seemed very exited about this. I finished unpacking and laid on my bed thinking. Who knew a very emotional girl would go to school to sing and very exited over something silly and stupid. I was a little to beep in my thoughts and I fell asleep.
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