Irish Luck

Elizabeth Hughmoore is just an ordinary girl in 5th grade qhen she met the. well known popstar niall horan. Over the past few years they had been best friends but one day in the middle of summer Elizabeth was walking down irelands beautiful streets headed towards nialls house he wasnt there. Little did she know niall and his family moved to england. Ten years later her gousewas getting run down so her family had to move to england. Since shes the new kid shes gonna get bullied but theres always gonna be one kid stood by her side.


2. away

As I packed my things for england I walked into my walkin - closet. I shuffle through a few things then head towards the back. I try to reach for a old photo album but I tripped on a wooden box that at the top read, "Niall and giddy." As I looked at it it reminded me of Niall. A tear trickled down my face. I stood up and put the box on my bed. I looked through alot of the stuff and I found a plate with pieces of macceronni glued to it. I remember Niall making me that in second grade in art class. My mother stood behind me and scared the witty out of me when she talked. "I remember that" she said as she laughly cried. I preached for her hand and said; "I do too" I started to tear up. I finished packing and went down stairs in my moms grasp once again. I let go easily but I could tell she didn't want me to leave. I kissed her goodbye same with the twins. I walked outside very slowly and hopped in my mini coop. I drove to the airport and boarded my plane with twenty minutes to spare. I took out my MP3 player and stuck my earbuds in tightly. I bought some chocolate from the flight attendant and it actually tasted good. So I attempted to get their yogurt, I tried it and puked. 2 hour long
Plane ride went by fast. Before I new it I was in London. I looked around trying to find my name on a card and I did. I followed the taxi driver and he dropped me off at the university. Of music. I love to sing. Me and Niall used to sing together all the time. We also used to have a competition on who's a better singer, and the winner would get three cupcakes. Apparently it was always a tie. I found my room number and had scene I was the only one there. I picked the bed closest to the wall. About three minutes later a girl named mazeion came in. (If your wondering how to pronounce her name its just like mason but with a z) she had bright blue curly hair. A nose ring, lip ring,and that weird eyebrow thing
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