Is it really meant to be

After her mum's death Shania's dad keeps abusing her. She runs away and hoping to never be found by her dad, but when she mets this guy, his name is Niall Horan, she thought that she would be safe, for now.


8. Welcome Home

Niall is coming home today and so all of us (Zayn, Liam etc.) decided to help Niall and nottry to stress him out. Louis and Harry are bringing him home and while they are doing that, Liam, Zayn and I thought that we may have to clean up a bit. I hear a car pull up. "Their here". I opened the door and I felt like crying but I held them back. "Niall i've missed you", I hugged him


"Sorry Niall"

"Hey guys can you take me to my room please. 

"Ok buddy let's go" said Harry  

I was happy that Niall was home but I was also kinda sad because if I never met him none of this would have happened.


"Hey Niall I cooked you toast and eggs, my mum said that I make a mean scrambled eggs. Hey are you alright"

"Yeh i'm fine, it's just that, I wish I was never like this. I want to go back to the way I was before"

"Oh, okay then, well i'll just leave you alone then". I ran to my room and started to cry.

"Shania, please open up, you know that's not what I meant"

"Oh really what did you mean by that?"
"I meant I want to back to the way I was, is that I wanted to go back to it with you"

Ok now I felt stupid. I opened the door.

"Sorry I said that" said Niall

"No i'm sorry for the way I acted, I thought you meant something else".

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