Is it really meant to be

After her mum's death Shania's dad keeps abusing her. She runs away and hoping to never be found by her dad, but when she mets this guy, his name is Niall Horan, she thought that she would be safe, for now.


14. The baby kicked

We checked into a hotel for the next couple of days. Niall thought it might be a great idea for all of us to go for an afternoon swim. I got everyone to agree and I got changed into bikini's since it was the only one I brang. We got into the pool and I was swimming around and Niall was close behind. I stopped and I turned around and went in for a kiss. "Hey princess, do you want me to play the guitar if we hop out?"

"Yeh alright"

We both hoped out and he grabbed his guitar, He started to sing More Than This, I decided to sing along. Niall stopped playing, "Babe, why did you stop?"
"I didn't know you were that good of a singer"

"Oh no, i'm not that good"

"guys what do think is Shania a good singer or what"

"yeh definatley" says El and perrie

"Thanks guys"

I didn't think I was that good even Perrie and El said so.

It was the end of the day and I fell asleep already. I woke up and everyone was still sleeping I went for a quick shower before they all woke up.

I was singing when I felt the Mia kick. I got out and got dressed then she kicked again. I woke up Niall

"Niall, wake up"
"What, what's wrong"

"Mia, she kicked, look put your hand on my belly"

"Oh my, she is kicking"

I sat down beside him and he kissed me

"I can't believe that we're actually having a baby"

"I know"

Niall lifted up my shirt and kissed my belly, the baby kicked again and she kicked his lips I couldn't help but laugh. I accidently woke everyone up.

"Why are you laughing we are trying to sleep"

"Sorry Zayn, but Niall kissed my belly and Mia kicked him"

Then Danielle, El and Perrie came over and started feeling for a kick"

"Oh my god, she is too"

"I can't wait till Mia is born" said Niall to the guys

"Dude you crying" asked Harry

"No I just have dust in my eye"

"sure sure" said Harry

I looked at Niall and he looked back and we both smiled at each other

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