Is it really meant to be

After her mum's death Shania's dad keeps abusing her. She runs away and hoping to never be found by her dad, but when she mets this guy, his name is Niall Horan, she thought that she would be safe, for now.


13. I'm gettin bigger and bigger

Days go bye and the closer it gets to the due date the more Niall gets nervous. I am now 5-6 months and the weight is getting heavier. The girls are really helping me out and the slightly helping out by helping out I mean not helping at all.

Niall's P.O.V

I am getting really nervous, because it is nearing the due date and also we are going for her scan today. We are really excited to see what the the gender is.

~At the doctor's~

"Shania Ross, can you please come in" asked the nurse

"Can you please lay here, so are you two excited?"

"So let's take a look shall we"

She spreads the jel on my belly and It's cold

"Ok so it looks like your going to have a... girl"

I was so happy, not only is it a girl but I can name it after Mia.

We got back to the bus, everyone was waiting for us inside.

"We're having" I said

"A baby girl!" yells Niall

They are all jumping for joy. Their all very excited about this baby. And so are Niall and I.

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