Is it really meant to be

After her mum's death Shania's dad keeps abusing her. She runs away and hoping to never be found by her dad, but when she mets this guy, his name is Niall Horan, she thought that she would be safe, for now.


15. Back from tour and a shocking surprise

It was the concert before the end of the tour and I am 8 months pregnant. Time has gone so fast and the due date is close and Niall is even more nervous than usual. While One Direction are performing their last concert I am hanging out with the girls.

"I'm just gonna get more food" said El
"So Danielle, how did you meet Liam?"

"well actually I met Liam bye Harry, Harry introduces us to each other"

"Oh yeh"

"So how and when did you meet Niall?"

"Well you see umm before I met NiallI was just another fan. But when my dad abused me , I ran away. I was walking in the rain when Niall came out and he helped me. I started to have feelings for him. Then he took me out one day and he kissed me.

"Where is El with the food?"

We go into the kitchen and there and there, was my dad.


"Who are you?"asked Danielle

"I'm her father"

He points at me

"Why are you here?" I asked

"Well I decied to pop in and say hello, plus I also saw a whole lot of magazines that said Niall and Shania expecting a baby so also that"

"Get out now"

"What did you say to me?"
"You heard me, get out"

He came at at me with yet again a knife

"Perrie call the police" Yelled El

El and perrie stood in front of me

"Don't even touch her"

"You can't tell me what to do, you are all weak"

Perrie and El ran at dad and he pushed them out of the way, they fell on the floor and he came at me. Perrie ran behind him and grabbed the knife from his hand.

"I don't care", he still came at me

He was about to punch me so I grabbed his arm and and he was about to punch me with the other arm and I didn't have a good reflex and he got me in the face, I fell on the floor and then the cops showed up. They arrested him, but we still have a problem.

"Ahhh! the baby's coming

The grils stared at me shocked.

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