heart stolen

i was unprepared to have alll my plans ripped out from under me. i was lost and broken and hollow. i thought i would never need a guy to be happy, so why is it when i first locked eyes with the handsome stranger for the first time in a year, i felt whole?


1. chapter One:

"Dammit" i scowled, kicking an innocent locker. I tried so hard. i worked my ass off for that scholarship and then they give it to some wealthy nerd who could buy his way into anywhere he liked.

fuck my life.

"hey, whats up?" i heard Rains voice behind me and i sighed, pressing my forehead against the cold surface of the locker.

"Charlie got the scholarship. rich bitch who only wants it on the wall for his future skyscraper office. Grrrr." i growled. out. why was life so hard?! it was particularly cruel to me. Geezus life what have i done to you?!

i felt Rains hand rubbing my back soothingly. she was a good friend. one of the only ones who didn't ditch me when everything went to shit. 

"dont worry, there are other scholarships. you'll get to collage." she cooed. i just sighed angrily. the bell rang and suddenly the hall was a zoo. i was shoved into the locker i was leaning against, hard. i winced and spun to find the culprit. it was just a blur of faces. Rain soon went to her cass and eventually the alls emptied out. i had a free period. yay me. i slid down to the floor and blew my fringe out of my eyes. i heard a commotion at the door and turned to see 5 boys all in the school entry.

"Bugger off, yeah?" a blonde boy scowled at the other boys. i looked at them with wide eyes.

woah. 5 hot boys. 

"oi wheres the office?" a particularly cute boy with curly hair called out to empty air. i stayed silent, unwilling to draw attention to my weak self. 

a boy with black quiffed hair scanned the hallway, and his eyes rested on my staring form. 

"hey! could you help us, as you can see, we're a bit...lost..." he smiled hopefully at the end, looking adorably young.

i wasn't one to get tongue tied around guys, even if they were practically god like. and i wasn't about to start now  so i straightened up, nodded smiling a bit  and walked towards the office. i heard a scurrying behind me, and suddenly i was flanked my the hottest guys i had ever seen. i had the curly haired one on my left and the blonde on my right

"Hi! im niall" the blonde beamed, his smile was infectious. i grinned back.

"I'm harry!" Curly said eagerly, i nodded still smling.

"the names tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson." yet another brown haired boy spoke playfully. i chuckled slightly.

"Zayn." the black haired  boy said simply, flashing me his childlike smile. i smiled back, unable to help myself.

"and i'm liam!" i turned and my eyes locked with the warmest pair of choclatey brown eyes i had ever seen. my breath wooshed out of me and i tightly nodded sending him a weak smile, trying not to lose what little of my pride i had left. 

"whats you name, love?" the boy who said he was louis asked sweetly.

"i'm Ebony. Ebony Black." we stopped outside the office.

"cool name!" Niall said. 

"thanks." i looked at their five smiling faces.

"welcome to west high." i said with a flourish, pointing them towards the office doors. 

"Thanks love." Liam said with a cute, shy smile. i just grinned and nodded.

watching as they walked inside. if i knew our school like i think i did. the drama queens were about to start a whole lotta shit over these guys. good luck to them.

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