coffe shop kindness

Amilea benzto works at a starbucks in england and meets this charming handsom man named Zayn Malick. She gets to him better and soon he takes her to meet his band buddies. Will her life fall apart when she finds out shes 17and pregnant


1. nice to meet you?

I wake up and relise that today is a monday and i have work. I roll out of bed and fall on the floor. I get a quick shower and throw my hair in a ponytail. I put on my starbucks uniform and bead out the door. I slouch down in my seat and drive away in my 1963 vita duster. I felt a buzz on my butt. I sorta jumped but then i relized it was just my phone. I had gotton a text from from clairie. It said, hey amelia. Meet me @ work asap! I sorta shrugged my shoulders and drove a little faster. I finally reached starbuckes and amidiatly got to work behind the counter. Clairie came up right behind me and scared the crap out of me. "Jesus, Clairie! Dont do that!" "sorry. Hey you doin anything this week?" "No i was actually planning on spending the week alone."I i sorta emphisised on the word alone. "so you wanna come over and watch a movie a movie with me and Bradly?" "like i said, alone." She just rolled her eyes at me. "Man this place is usually packed!" Right when i said that a medium height boy with brown hair and a streack of blonde in it came up. "Good morning, im Amelia how can i help you?" The boy just stared at me uncontrolably. I was starting to get uncomfortable. "Hello? Sir? Your order?" huh? oh right. I um im sorry. I have the black coffee please."I "you sure? No icreamer no milk?" "Nope." I stare at him in disbeleif. Our black coffee is terrible, how can he like that!? I just went along with it and staryed to make it. "Alrighty that will be 5.46$." He started to stare again. I felt a cold chill run down my back. I clap my hand loudly which made a lot of people start to stare at me more. He sort of winces then gets out his wallet. "here you go." I thank him then hand him his coffee. He took a log sip while looking at me before he even sat down. "next!" I yelled so he would go sit down. after work I got a call from my mom. "hello?" I ask. "listen.your sister Bethany got concert tickets to a one direction concert in methhall and I cant take her. youre the only sibling old enough to take her. please?" she begged. "aug! ill do it. IF! you pay me 20$."  "deal!" I smiled as I hung up the phone. I took my apron off and headed out the door and to the mall for a new outfit for the concert.

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