my life. ha.


hey this is my first time iv dont this, so yeah i might as well fill you in with all the shit tats been happening latley :)

it all started with a little rumor going around about me calling this chick tayla a skank behind her back?
ha, well she use to be my best friend untill all this shit happend.
it started on sunday night when she inboxed me on facebook saying shit to me about how much of a bitch i am for talking shait about her behind her back?
yeah well she then got her mate sonia (she WAS my best friend) to inbox me saying shit but i just ignored her.

ilys guys. xx


4. those memories

you know how you have those memories with your ex's that you miss, yeah well i can tell ya they all came flooding back when we started talking again todaay, argggg why dose life have to  be like this >.<


yeah its the same old same old, the girls threatend to bash me, ha.

still none have done anyhting but yeah what ever i dont give a shit.


im doing the worlds greatest shave thing, but im dying my hair instead, probably blue,

me and katie are gonna do it together :D


me and my friend katie wanna go into a modeling competition, cause shes always wanted to become a model, and im just doing it cause she dosnt wanna do it alone, so yeah we are looking around for the next one to come up?





nothing funny or exciting has really happend latley, so yeah not much to write about :/

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