my life. ha.


hey this is my first time iv dont this, so yeah i might as well fill you in with all the shit tats been happening latley :)

it all started with a little rumor going around about me calling this chick tayla a skank behind her back?
ha, well she use to be my best friend untill all this shit happend.
it started on sunday night when she inboxed me on facebook saying shit to me about how much of a bitch i am for talking shait about her behind her back?
yeah well she then got her mate sonia (she WAS my best friend) to inbox me saying shit but i just ignored her.

ilys guys. xx


3. just another arguement! ehhh.

tayla done like nothing except give me dirties all day, arggg its getting so boring, and shes fucking annoying me.

sonia just dosnt even look at me, im kinda happy they are ignoring me so i dont get in shit, but i just want one of them to start so i can just give it to them, little cows (;


well my ex (lucas, he is still my friend) was having an argument with some chap named kaleb, and instead of kaleb doing anything he got hes mates there were about 4 of them that where in like year 10,11 or something like that, yeah well they where looking around the school for lucas to have a go at him and bash him, and yeah well jack, jordan, arepa, ash and josh founnd out about it and went looking for them, jack was rage'n cause lucas is hes cousin and shit,

well jack and his little gang went looking for them and me, katie and ash stayed behind cause we didnt wanna walk around. ha. lazyy i know.


yeah well whille the other guys where looking for them they where right near us, so me and katie went up to them telling them to leve lucas and that alone or there will be trouble, and the boys are looking for them so they should call it truce with lucas or there gonna get there teeth kicked in, and well they went and said truce but jack still wanted to bash em'. ha, he has something wrong with him -_-


yeah well that was pretty much the only thing intersting today,

it was pretty boring if you ask me :/



well byee. xx

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