One way or another

A girl named hailey and her best friend Sophie finish high school and then hailey's mom and dad died in a car accident and her 16 year old sister bri and her go to London to live with her Aunt Bella and then hailey will find her lover.


11. Where's hailey

Harry pov:

       I woke up to check on hailey and I heard the front door close, so I ran and got my sweater and left and I saw some guy and grab her she was trying to scream but couldn't. Then she fell on the pavement  that's when I went up to him and punched him hard he was lying on the ground. He had bruises and a black eye now. I picked up hailey and carried her home and out her on my bed I got an ice pack and I went down stairs to make breakfast for us. The boys went to zayn's place I wanted to stay with hailey and her friend went too some party.


Haliey pov.


i woke up and I had bruises and I remembered when harry saved me. I was smiling I looked in the mirror and it was 7 Am was gonna change into my clothes when harry walked in I was in my bra. I screamed and ran behind the cabinet and he said nice thongs hailey. Harry can't u see I'm changing get out! Okay but breakfast is down stairs. I locked the door and changed so harry couldn't come in. I wore a jack wills pink jacket with white jeans and my hair down.i went down stairs and I ate. Yum you are really good at cooking, thanks so what do you want to do today , um not really sure , fine I will surprise you.


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