One way or another

A girl named hailey and her best friend Sophie finish high school and then hailey's mom and dad died in a car accident and her 16 year old sister bri and her go to London to live with her Aunt Bella and then hailey will find her lover.


5. The accident

Hailey pov
I was at school in science class, when the cops came in the classroom and told the teacher that they were looking for Haliey Evans. I looked up and the cops led me to the police station, and I was confused, and my sister bri was with me too.He arrived there and they led us in the building and the cops told me and bri some terrible news I was crying and so was bri they told us our parents died in a car accident and they both died right away

Bri pov
I was at home and tried to call hailey like a 1,000 times and she wouldn't answer her stupid phone and mom and dad were getting worried so they told me that they were going to go look for Haliey and today was school so I grabbed a bagel and dressed in a red shirt and shorts with my light brown hair in a side ponytail, and told my friend Kate to pick me up and she said ok cause she live across the streets from me we are besties so she picked me up and went to high school and then we got the call from the cops. And we have to go to court uhh great this is all hailey's fault

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