One way or another

A girl named hailey and her best friend Sophie finish high school and then hailey's mom and dad died in a car accident and her 16 year old sister bri and her go to London to live with her Aunt Bella and then hailey will find her lover.


3. Morning

Hailey pov.
I wake up in the morning feeling pain all over my body and I see that I'm naked in the sheet, in brads bed!! I start panicking and start to worry and then I look across the room and see that I see my clothes in the corner of the room, and I have bruises on my body it hurts, and then I look at the room and see there is a used condom on the floor, and i look to see where brad is and see that he is in the shower, I ran to put my clothes out and run ou,t until jake comes and tells me not to run away, and I punched him in the face as hard as I could, and see there is blood on my knuckles, and then see jakes nose is bleeding and yelps and then I kneed him on the crouch so I could run away and he lays there on the floor and brad starts yelping, I run out and down the stairs and I Trip and tumble down the stairs and I think I sprained my ankle, and see brad run for me and the I try to run to my car and I opened the car and ran in and drove to Sophie house. --- calling Sophie --- hey soph can I come over.

Soph pov
I am in my room listing to music and hear my phone ring I answer it and hailey crying on the phone saying if she can come over, so I said yes and told her what's wrong she said she would tell me when she gets here, and I heard the door bell ring and run down stairs, and hailey face looks like she has a black eye and bruises and tear stains, I told her what had happened, she told me and I was shocked and couldn't believe what brad did ! I told her if she wanted to sleep over and she said ok thanks I leant her some pjs to borrow.
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