One way or another

A girl named hailey and her best friend Sophie finish high school and then hailey's mom and dad died in a car accident and her 16 year old sister bri and her go to London to live with her Aunt Bella and then hailey will find her lover.


7. Graduated

Hailey pov
Me and bri went to mom and dads funeral Sunday, and we are moving tommorow to go to London me and soph graduated high school and guess what we are both going to the UOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
So me and soph and bri are leaving tommorow so soph is sleeping over today cause we are leaving in a private jet plane our aunt got us. Today I got a text message from the jerk brad uhh!!!!!
I didn't want to read it, but I did it said " I know what happened in the accident hailey" I texted back " what do u mean brad ?!!!!!" -Brad: I was the one who crashed ur mom and dads car and they drive off the cliff that what you get hailey from being a bad girl" and I showed soph the text but I didn't want to show bri because I didn't want her to cry about it anymore. I wanted to cry but I didn't want bri or soph to know.
Bri pov
Wake up sleppy heads we are going to be late it's 4:30am we leave at 6:00am I got a pillow and threw it at them and I changed into my red shirt that says yolo and black jeans with my hair down and got my luggages and put them down stairs and I have 7 luggages in total and I decided to make break feats

Soph pov

I woke up and smelt good breakfast of bacon and creeps my fave. I went to go change in a black tank top that says New York New York with green jeans on and green converse with my dark hair in a side ponytail, and woke up hailey by jumping on her bed but I gotta say she is a really heavy sleeper so I went down stairs and got an air horn and told bri to sing Rock me by one direction and we sang it and at the end we blew the air horn and she fell off the bed saying what happened and started to panic as me and bri laughed so hard

Hailey pov

Soph and bri woke me up with a air horn and then I got scared but then I got changed into my shirt that say free hugs in pink and wore light faded shorts since it was summer and I ate breakfast and we left to the airport
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