One way or another

A girl named hailey and her best friend Sophie finish high school and then hailey's mom and dad died in a car accident and her 16 year old sister bri and her go to London to live with her Aunt Bella and then hailey will find her lover.


8. airport

Hailey pov.

We finally arrived at at the airport and on the way there i fell asleep because they woke me up at 4:30 am. And i heard them talking about how exited they were to get to London and Bri is gonna go to a high school i think its in cheshire idk. But then Soph woke me up saying we were there and we landed and we were trying to find my aunt and she has a child named Lux.


Aunt Bella pov.

Im Bri's and Hailey aunt i feel sad for them cause both of there parents died in a terrible car accident and I can't imagine losing Lux my daughter, and i carefully put Lux in her car seat cause i was supposed to pick up them and one of hailey's friend soph so i drove there and waited for them.

Hailey pov.

Ok bye. I hung up on my aunt telling her we are here and she said she was outside in a black range rover. Me and Bri and Soph ran to the car to race to see who can get there first of course Soph did cause she is in track. I gave my aunt a huge hug and Bri did too she said when we get there to unpack and she has 6 beds 5 baths and 2 living rooms and a pool. And i hugged my little couzin Lux she was so cute and beautiful and she laughed when i hit my head on the roof and i laughed too and then she keep saying Ni Ni what ever that means and i looked at Bri and Soph confused and told my aunt that I think she was hungry and she said oh no she wants to see Niall and i had a wierd look on my face and she said Niall, NIall Horan and Soph was so exited she loved 1D and she worked with all of them and was there hair dressers and makeup artist and said we can meet them today if we wanted but of course Soph wanted to see them we finally arrived and we unpacked and we all got our own rooms. and we left the house to see 1D. And we arrived at there house and I was carrying Lux and knocked on there door and soph was so exited and they opened the door and we introduced our selfs and then we sat down and talked to them for a while and soph kept talking to niall cause she has a crush on him and eleanor and danielle were here too and my aunt had to go and left with Lux and told me that she would pick us up later. 


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