Dog days

Sheba never ment to be a naughty puppy. It was all her brothers who taught her to be like that, but she is till a good dog just not all of the time. This is Sheba the puppy with stripes like a tiger and the personality like a monkey and how her life is going so far some is sad, some is good and some is exciting ( well it is to her anyway )


12. Left

Lily and I were in the car I love the car! then we pulled up at somewhere I know very well, we were at the SPCA " why are we here? are we seeing Billy? " I barked " Hush Sheba " what was going on? Tracy came out to meet us, I was happy to see her but she seemed sad like Lily why was is everybody sad? I ran in circles trying to get them to play " Sheba come here sweet " Tracy clipped me onto a lead, talked with Lily then Lily was gone and I was put in my normal cage " I'm sorry girl " Tracy patted me through the bars " who would give such a lovely thing like you up for a rottweiler? " give me up? am I not lily's puppy anymore? doesn't she love me anymore? was it because I chewed on her couches? or the rug? what did I do wrong?  

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