Dog days

Sheba never ment to be a naughty puppy. It was all her brothers who taught her to be like that, but she is till a good dog just not all of the time. This is Sheba the puppy with stripes like a tiger and the personality like a monkey and how her life is going so far some is sad, some is good and some is exciting ( well it is to her anyway )


5. last one left

I'm the last puppy left all my brothers have gone "yip yip yip yip!" I start barking "NO! I don't want to go Please! I wont be bad anymore I swear! Please!" "Hush little one hush" Mum tells me "No! please!" the monster stops "NO! Mum! Mum! don't let him take me Mum!" I bark as I'm put into another box.

The man puts the box onto the ground "hopefully you won't get cold" The man smirked I know he doesn't mean that "I'm sorry please!" I tell him as he walks away "Mum!" I hear a bark in reply from my Mum "Maddie hush don't want to wake everyone at 9:00 at night do we? or they might make us keep the little mutt we really don't want that" I hear his voice go off in the distance, I curl up it's gonna be a cold night.

"What's this?" I get woken up to as my box is picked up a female face looks inside "aww your to cute for words who would leave such a little guy like you here? who ever they are they are horrible!" the female tells me, my tummy feels strange " maybe it's from the bird house " I think, a picture of the bird house pops in my mind pain comes over me I miss my family so much.

The female talks to me she tells me lots her names Tracy she owns the place I'm in it's called the SPCA it's were homeless animals come to find a home " so this will be your home for awhile ok? when the rest of the staff come we'll give you a name and see if we can find you a family..." Family that word sticks in my head I think of Mum and my brothers I feel so sad and alone I wonder how my brothers are.

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