Dog days

Sheba never ment to be a naughty puppy. It was all her brothers who taught her to be like that, but she is till a good dog just not all of the time. This is Sheba the puppy with stripes like a tiger and the personality like a monkey and how her life is going so far some is sad, some is good and some is exciting ( well it is to her anyway )


2. I'm not nautghty I'm Curious

I opened my eyes for the 2nd time it was SO much brighter this time. Mum and my brothers were still asleep! "humph!" don't they ever wake up?

I crawled around, now I could see where I was going I was having much more fun not bumping into things! I found a long block with round black things on it, I slapped my paw on it suddenly the big black box in the front of the room made aloud on going nosie I jumped out of my fur! then small people were inside the box eating food. Food! I was so hungry I felt myself drooling so hungry... THUMP THUMP THUMP " MADDIE KEPT YOU STUPID PUPS UNDER CONTROL!" Mum woke up sleepily, the man stormed into the room I barked ( well.. yiped ) at him happily then he did something really mean! he pointed at me and shouted " SHUT IT!" then picked up the block and made the people disappear ( I was pretty sad about that I was going to take their food Mahaha! ) the man went back to his room I was glad he was scary. As I was minding my own thoughts about the man being scary I was picked up around my belly " owwwww" I complained Mum put me into the box ( or also called my familys bed ) " stay out of trouble you " Mum said firmly " Humph " I answered angrily.


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