Dog days

Sheba never ment to be a naughty puppy. It was all her brothers who taught her to be like that, but she is till a good dog just not all of the time. This is Sheba the puppy with stripes like a tiger and the personality like a monkey and how her life is going so far some is sad, some is good and some is exciting ( well it is to her anyway )


3. I'm gonna chew with you!

4 weeks later


My brothers have taught me alot in life mainly bad things mahaha. Now I"m 5 weeks old can stand,walk run, climb ( I can climb the stairs and rip thing apart! mahaha ) This afternoon I was beating my brother in play fight when mum came outside with a bone! :o I stopped fighting and started crawling up to mum to see if I could have a nibble then  BAM my brother charged at me. " stop it! I'm not playing anymore!"


I growled at him, he frowned


did he just steal my word?! he did! that little...

"that's MY word! find your own!"

"no it's mine now"

I pinned him to the ground

"take that back!"

"na na na na na it's mine now what ya gonna do about it?! "

I nipped his weak spot just under his leg

"OW Ok I take it back!"

I got off him, his bottom lip started shaking

" good " I spat at him then he ran under the bush to sulk

I turned back to mum and ran over to her

"get out! my bone!" she whacked me with her paw "fine" I thought "I'll get my own" I raced up  the stairs, the man was sleeping on the couch so I could work without him coming up.

I went into mans room all his stuff was on the floor " bone bone bone.." I looked around and found nothing then I saw a big wooden box, It had a small gap behind  it "maybe there's a bone behind there!"

I sqezzed my head into the gap then my shoulders but I was to big to go any futher

" Humph "

I pushed as hard as I could until the whole box fell over

"thats better"

a black ball like thing caught my eye that was good enough I grabbed it ran back to mum 


The man came outside


I stood up and wagged my tail he ran at me. Oh good a game!

"watch this!" I shouted at my brothers I grabbed the socks and ran to a tree "COME!"

I ran towards him then through his legs. He spun around and tripped on the long green thing that spits water " AHH! " brown goo splated everywhere " mud I'm in mud.. thats it! " he grabbed my poffy fur and put me in the crate of shame ( me and my brothers call it that ) then left to clean himself up " yip yip yip " I cryed but every else was doing their own thing. So I ripped up the blanket that was in the crate of shame mahaha!

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