Dog days

Sheba never ment to be a naughty puppy. It was all her brothers who taught her to be like that, but she is till a good dog just not all of the time. This is Sheba the puppy with stripes like a tiger and the personality like a monkey and how her life is going so far some is sad, some is good and some is exciting ( well it is to her anyway )


9. Homed?

Lonely. That's me, lonely so many people come here take any dog but me away no one loves me "Sheba! you have a visitor! " Tracy called, I lifted my head a visitor? is it Billy has he come to see me? a lady looks at me, oh your not Billy " hello dear " I sniff through the bars " so you don't have a rottweiler? " " no I'm sorry but Sheba is a darling " the lady looked at me "I'll have her she seems lovely " Tracy clipped me up on a lead then did paper work with the lady, have I got a home like Billy? 

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