Dearest diary...

Well welcome to my life... my real one


4. 'Wrong friends'

I don't regret my past,

I just regret the time I wasted with the wrong people


Yup, we've all had so called 'friends' stab us in the back.

But is it true that they were ever you friend at all if they did that to you?

The truth is,maybe, they might have at first but people change.

Good to bad,Trustworty to backstabbing, friend to enemy.

It happens to everyone and you can't avoid it. Sometimes I think to myself

Why do I end up with these people? The ones that hate me

after half the year,the ones that say things behind my back, why me?

Then as I got older I noticed that I'm not the only one that gets that done

to me.Not alone.

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